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  1. Looking for a set of iron shaft pulls, 4-pw, must play +1/2 or 1/4 over and stiff or extra stiff.
  2. For sale is a set of Srixon z745 irons. These irons are in near mint condition and impossible to find in this condition anymore (I would know as I looked forever to find a set like this). But I’m hitting my T100 so well I’ve decided to move these so someone else can play them. Set is 3-PW, with KBS Tour V stiff shafts that are +1/2” over standard. Standard loft and lie. Golf Pride Midsize tour velvet grips. price is $sold shipped.
  3. For sale is a set of blacked out Titleist T100s irons. This set is is 4-GW (8 irons). Standard length, lie and loft. Shafted with blacked out Project X LZ 6.0 shafts and like new MCC black/white midsize grips. Club with the most wear by far is the gap wedge which I used out of bunkers mostly. price was sold
  4. Sorry, only trade interests would be a sim 3 wood or high end putters.
  5. For sale is a near mint condition set of Callaway TCB irons. Set is 4- PW and they come shafted with Nippon Modus 120 TX shafts. Irons are 1/2 “ over standard (38.5 inch 5 iron). Standard lie and loft is 1* strong (45* PW). Golf Pride TV 360 grips are like new condition. Price is was $1200, now SOLD shipped.
  6. Titleist TSi3 2 Hybrid. 18* Loft. Tensei AV raw white X flex. Everything standard from Titleist. Has hit about 15-20 balls. Price is $sold shipped.
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