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  1. My pleasure. Can't wait to hit them! Round on me if you ever make it to Dallas.
  2. As I'm an android user, I obviously can't yet take a screen shot of your app. I'm very interested in the product however and trust you will accept this as my submission to the contest. Many thanks.
  3. Gripmaster leather grips are the way to go. As mentioned, they get tackier when you sweat or it rains. They last a long time as well.
  4. I liked the Nike One Tour D as well. But I forgot it real quick when the Hex Black and Hex Chrome came out. Similar but better balls.
  5. Similar swing speed for me. I hit the Callaway Hex Chrome and Hex Black farther than I have hit any other ball I've tried. I've tried them all.
  6. [quote name='WpgMike' timestamp='1338301725' post='4993634'] I love the e6 off the tee, but I'm getting tired of the rollout on the greens. Is there a ball that flies straight and long like the e6 but with a urethane cover? I don't care about the price, I don't lose many balls. Mike [/quote] You have pretty much described the Hex Chrome. Try it, you will love it.
  7. Recently bought a dozen of the RX-S. My swing speed and results are nearly identical to the OP's. I had tried the RX a few years back, and just did not like it. I didn't think it went that far, and it was sub-par around the greens. The RX-S spins much more around the greens, and is a true premium ball. Massively better ball than the Q-Star. The ball goes a long way as well, but what I have noticed is that my slight miss-hits with the driver get much better results than they do with higher compression balls. I'm very anxious to tryout the Srixon Z-Star SL. I like the Z-Star quite a bit,
  8. [quote name='bobfoster' timestamp='1327346150' post='4140637'] [quote name='Janet Pendergrast' timestamp='1326998435' post='4118819'] I'm using GolfLogix on my Iphone for the scorecard features, but I've been thinking about switching to android. ROBOPTI, how's the screen look in the sun, have you compared it to the Iphone? [/quote] I've been using it for a couple of years - really good, solid program. Have an Android HTC Thunderbolt, and have no problem seeing it in the sun ... [/quote] GolfLogix is an excellent app and the best by quite a bit of several I have tried. Quick and accur
  9. PGA Superstores here in Dallas are offering the Nike One Tour and One Tour D (the real deal, not practice) for $40 for two dozen. I'm a big fan of the One Tour D.
  10. FG Tour V2 with Ci11 as an option (either would be wonderful) 4iron 24 61 38.75 5iron 27 61 38.25 6iron 31 61.5 37.75 7iron 35 62 37.25 8iron 39 63 36.75 9iron 43 63.5 36.25 PW 47 64 35.75 FG52 52 61 35.75 FG52 58 63 35.75 Thanks for the opportunity!
  11. Currently I play Rifle 5.5 shafts, because they came with my irons and have been a reasonable fit.
  12. I have done the same as you and tried numerous balls that approximate the Red. I have "settled" on the Nike One Tour D. Give it a shot. It is an excellent ball.
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