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  1. No trades. PING G30 10.5 with Hzrdus Smoke Yellow 60g 6.0 with headcover. 45”. $SOLD.
  2. Surprised that no one has mentioned one of those hat washers. I bought one YEARS ago and use it to clean my golf hats as well as my son's baseball caps (which become brutally dirty with sweat and dirt). I'll usually scrub it with Shout and then throw in the washer. I like the hat washer because it keeps the structure. Come out looking new.
  3. achappy

    GI Irons

    I’m on drugs. I read your original post as “Burner Forged” even though there was a period LOL. Supposedly the Forged Burners are good also but it was hard to find much info on them since they were a JDM release.
  4. achappy

    GI Irons

    Funny you post this. I had no idea about them but have a set coming from a fellow WRXer. Wanted to try a more forgiving set than my current RBZ Tour “F” heads…
  5. No trades please. Excellent (dare say crown is mint) 2017 M2 10.5 with Diamana Limited Stiff. 45.5” with Head cover. $195 OBO shipped.
  6. Having played Argyle (where he qualified) as well as most of the best/challenging courses in the DC/Balt area very few are really long hitters courses. They are more about accuracy off the tee and 2nd shot placement. Often you just need to survive the brutally long par 4s and take advantage the rest of the course. There's more to a course than length.
  7. Thank you!! This is exactly what I was looking for.
  8. I’m sorry but exotic materials aside a bend profile is a bend profile.
  9. I have this shaft in a BStone J33 and the combo has been beating every 3W I've thrown at it. I've tried to upgrade several times (G30, G Series, Mavrik, F85, F65) and although they have have been slightly longer in some cases, they are nowhere near as consistent or accurate as the J33. I think it's a combination of two things: 1) slightly shorter length on the J33 (42.75" and D4) and 2) the 757 shaft. It feels so stable but yet not harsh at all. If I were to guess, it's a tip stiff but maybe a medium/soft butt? I never feel like the shaft gets away from me and it's really accur
  10. No trades please. CONUS only. Ping G 19* Hybrid. 39.5” and D4. $85 shipped.
  11. This posts hits so close to home it's scary. I've been using a PIng G30 10.5* with Hrzdus Smoke Yellow for the past year. I've always felt I was leaving distance on the table but I hit it so well and I was hitting so many fairways that I didn't want to mess with chasing distance. In my head "it was long enough". A few weeks ago I tried my friend's SIM2 Max 9* with RDX Black. It was on a par 5 and by chance I flushed both on almost identical lines. Since it was on an elevated tee I was able to see carry and landing. The SIM2 carried at least 10 yards more and total distance wa
  12. It’s great you posted this as I’m thinking about building one to try a driver around 46”. Right now I’m thinking a ProLaunch Red. Curious, what was the swingweight with the stock weight? What made you settle on the Aero?
  13. It's so easy to think about shafts that I've had success with in the past and think "are shafts really that much better" and I don't believe they are. I went down that path with iron shafts (PX, C Taper, Modus) and ended right back to DG. The Ping G10/Prolaunch Red was a monster combo for me. That shaft was also good in like 3 other heads. As long as the profile fits you. So I'm thinking why not just go with one as a first try.
  14. Just wondering if anyone is currently playing any of the newer version of shafts that were really hot YEARS ago. Prolaunch Red, Aldila NV or the UST V2? Was looking at Goflworks and these look to be a good combination of price/performance. I'm thinking of experimenting with a longer driver (45.5-46") after playing with shorter ones for years but wanted it to be a cheaper initial experiment. Maybe a Maltby KE4 paired with one of the aboves.
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