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  1. Can anyone tell me about this shaft and it’s profile? I have one in a Srixon u65 and this combo is the best feeling/performing combo I’ve hit and I’ve tried quite a few driving irons. The biggest issue is that it was always hard to get a shaft/head combo that was shorter than normal (this is only 40” @ D3). I’ve tried the regular Recoil 95 iron shaft and the Proto is so much better feeling and more accurate. Amazing how easy it is to launch off the deck. I know I can pick up one from eBay or Billy Bobs but was curious about the profile for future reference.
  2. I appreciate you checking and following up! Yeah, definitely let me know if he changes his mind. I never even heard of the JBlade 3 and I took a chance based on the setup and glad I did. Can't wait until I get out on the course with it (hopefully this Wednesday).
  3. I have a G30 with a Smoke Yellow that performs really well. Really accurate and it’s a good combo. Of course this being WRX the only issue is that it feels dead and I was thinking of trying out another counter balanced shaft and the CK Orange (not the Pro) comes up quite often. Ideally if it launched a little higher but with similar/less spin and better feel it would be a good switch for me. Anyone make the switch from the SY to the CK Orange? What did you notice in terms of ball flight and feel?
  4. No trades please. CONUS shipping only. Amazing feeling putter. I just can’t get along with plumbers neck putters. Mint condition Maltby PTM-4. 34” with iOMIC I-Classic putter grip. I stripped the paint obviously. It’s suppose to come with a Head cover but I honestly have no idea where it is. However, I’ll look and will include it if I find it. $65 shipped.
  5. I currently have the "F" head and according to my research (threads and pictures that no longer show up on here) they have the same profile and offset but with a slightly shorter blade and a longer hosel to try and lower flight. They are also made of the same material (17-4/431 SS). I love mine and don't plan on getting rid of them. There was supposedly an "N" version that was cast from 8620 and had less offset. Which one you have depends on the serial n umber. I believe T11 was F and T12 was N.
  6. I don't know how MnBn feels but I just recently picked up a BeNi J Blade and it feels fantastic. Been putting around in the basement since I picked it up and balance, feel and setup is great. Can't wait to get it out to a putting green as well as the course. I have used a Ping Zing 5BZ and a Pal 5BZ and putted pretty well but always thought they were probably little too light. So once I found out BeNi putters weighed more I kept my eye out for one.
  7. This turned out to be the answer! Impressive how much tack it restored. Not to like new but definitely enough grip to be playable for a while and enough time for me to search for a replacement or find something as good. Plus getting a a bottle will help cleaning my other grips. Thanks to all for the suggestions (especially @skraly for the name of the grip).
  8. I’ve tried multiple driving irons and most were always with a steel shaft or an “iron” type graphite (Steelfiber i95/110, Recoil). Never found them to be much better than my Ping Eye2+ 2I. But then I hit a friends SIM UDI with the Thump 90 hybrid shaft and I couldn’t believe how good it felt and the distance. I was going to maybe pick up one for Christmas but then I found a Srixon u65 with a Recoil Prototype Hybrid 100 and this combo so far has been incredible. Great feel and launch like the SIM but balance feels a little better because it’s slightly heavier. This has been over
  9. So I just snagged a Ping BeNi J Blade 3 and I’m absolutely loving this thing. My original plan was to maybe extend and regrip but I’ve been messing around with it in the basement at 33” and it has amazing feel and balance. I’m loving the grip (see pic) but it’s somewhat slick. So my question is is there any hope of maybe restoring some of the traction with some sanding and grease cleaner? If not, what’s the name of the grip so I can see about getting a replacement on eBay. What makes the grip so nice is that it has a flat front with pronounced edges but down the entire grip. I
  10. So I measured both of my shafts (both are tip to end of grip) Driver: 44 and playing length is 45” 3W: 42.5” and playing length is 43”
  11. Yes the G series adapter fits the G30. I have both the G30 driver and 3W and I an check once I get home tonight what each shaft length is (they play 45” and 43” respectively). I tried to search eBay when I sold a shaft that was in the 3W that played 43” and IIRC it was around 42.5” but don’t hold me to it. The price seems a tad high based on recent eBay prices. Since it appears to be a fairway shaft, I’d say $30-$40
  12. I'm using the PTM-4 and didn't know about the 5 but it looks really good. Will be hard to beat a 100% milled carbon block for $89!
  13. Which slant neck did you go with and how much toe hand does it have? I've looked this option a few times to build me something like an Odyssey 7s but my fear was it being too heavy. The slant hotels add extra weight and the head is already heavy. But judging by the lead tape weight isn't an issue for you.
  14. Exactly. My normal black shoes are athletic style. I rarely wear pants but I was curious how they would look with a nice pair of shorts. Not feeling it.
  15. I picked up a pair of the black ones. They feel pretty good. But they also feel "thin" and I'm not sure on durability. On the fence if I'll keep them. Especially since my 14year old son said I look like "Rick Astley in Never Gonna Give you up"
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