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  1. I wonder how much the fact that they have almost zero driver/fairway wood presence? If you look at the weekly WITBs, you will see numerous bags with their irons and driving irons but no drivers. Drivers seem to drive the market because of the constant talk about length. So no TV driver presence means no need for golf shops to get them in and it just trickles down from there.
  2. I’ve tried the F85 twice and both times the main issue I had was that it was a little left biased. Really long, easy to hit off the deck even with a slightly deeper face and good off the tee. If it were adjustable where I could’ve opened up the face I would’ve kept it. I’ve found a good compromise with my Ping G30. The secret for me was to pair it with a very tip stiffed shaft to keep spin down. My G30 is equally as long as the F85 but the trade off is it’s easier off the deck, especially tight lies but not as good off the tee where I prefer a deeper face. But so far it’s been
  3. Sorry...just wanted to add a few pics. Miss that thin topline and love the shape at address. I’ll try to get some more this weekend.
  4. I'd take a look at a Ping G30 (maybe even G400). I too was looking for a higher launching wood but with lower spin. I played a Mizuno MP-650 for many years and it was a beast. Very flat trajectory and very long. Good off the tee but not so much off the deck. I tried a 2017 M2 HL and had the same problem I've had with other higher lofted woods. They simply spun too much and I lost distance. I've finally settled on a G30 3W but I think what makes it so good is that I put 6 cotton balls in the head to get the weight up and then put in a Hzrdus Smoke Yellow (counter balanced) shaft
  5. Well I finally caved and now have a set of 575s drying. 8-PW MBs and 4-7CBs with a Di595 3I. Decided to reuse the Elevate Tour shafts that I had in my RBZ Tours. I forgot just how beautiful they are and I love the setup at address. Can't wait to get them out this weekend. Weather is suppose to be perfect.
  6. I have a really strong feeling that I will build a set of 575s again as a Winter project. Played them years ago and played some great golf. Although I love my RBZ Tours (Tour issue F head), I just miss playing forged clubs, especially blades in the short irons. Just built a Di595 18* and have been so impressed with it. So part of my dilemma is do I got with the Di595 3I and then rest 575s?? I was thinking of going with a hybrid in the 21-22* spot but the Di595 has been so good...
  7. No trades. Not sure why I keep trying an Anser style putter. Mint (9 holes) Maltby PTM-4 milled putter. 34.5” with Lamkin Sinkfit Skinny Pistol. $85 shipped CONUS.
  8. achappy

    Wishon Di595

    So I finally got out today and it continued to impress me. What's really impressive is how easy it is to hit off the deck and still get decent height. Used it on 2 par 4's and split the fairway on both. Then I used it to punch out from under some trees and hit this beautiful low cutting shot that that carried just short of the green and rolled up to about 30 feet on the back of the green. Then as a 2nd shot on a par 5 that I caught a smidgen off the toe and was surprised at how far it still carried.
  9. That's my biggest issue I always have when I spend money for a putter. A few missed putts and I start thinking "I can miss putts with my 20 year old Bullseye". I bought a 2020 NP2 and also a Flowback 5 and didn't putt any better than my Ping Zing BZ. I realize it's mental but also know that there's nothing magical about a Scotty. They are beautiful, well balanced putters but don't help me make more putts.
  10. achappy

    Wishon Di595

    Parallel. I had Wishon bore it out to .370. It’s 18*.
  11. achappy

    Wishon Di595

    After trying many hybrids and different driving irons (u45, u65, TMB, Ping Crossover) I finally caved an ordered a Wishon 595 and paired it with a Steelfiber i110.. I wished I had ordered it at the beginning of the year. Absolutely love the setup at address with minimal offset and the thin top line. It sets up like an iron with the way it frames the ball. And because of the mirrored back the bulge is well hidden due to the reflection (see the address pictures). This is similar to how the Srixon hides it’s bulk with the U Series. I’ve played the past driving irons by Wishon and
  12. Exactly!! I've been a long time Lamkin user as others have said their durability is by far better than Golf Pride. But they started a trend where they started with these synthetic compounds which I dislike and they discontinue grips that I tend to love (X10, X10 Crossline, Z5 Tour Taper. etc). I have a Lamkin Crossline Black coming which if it's anything like the X10 Crossline then I will be switching back. It's a pain because I like how easy the Tour Velvet Plus 4 is to install since I don't have to build up tape but it's not a long lasting grip.
  13. Seems like we have similar preferences. I too only use a 52/58* which is why I have the extra spot in the top of the bag. Given all of the replies it doesn't look like I'm too crazy (no more than normal ) for considering this route. I played a few tournaments over the Summer where the rough was brutal and there were some long par 3s so the hybrid was required. But I never felt comfortable hitting it on the shorter, tighter par 4s so having both in my bag would've helped some (nothing can help my putting).
  14. So I have a dilemma where I go back and forgth between hybrids an a driving iron. I love driving irons off the tee and I'm so much more accurate with them. But I also realize the benefit of a hybrid, especially on long par 3s and out of the rough. I've tried 17-19* hybrids as driving irons and I'm just not as accurate with them nor as comfortable off the tee. So I was wondering, has anyone bagged both and been relatively successful? 20-22* hybrid and a 18* driving iron.
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