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  1. I’ve never been able to find a hybrid I was comfortable with until I got the ‘19 Apex 3&4 hybrids and built them to .5” longer with Aldila NV 105 shafts. I’ve hit shots with them that I know I couldn’t have with an iron. And where they really shine is out of the rough. Perfect example. Played yesterday and I had 201 severely uphill to a tucked pin. Was blocked by some trees and in light rough. Hit a high cut 3H to 4 feet. No idea where it actually landed as the pin was back in the shade. No way I could’ve hit a 3 iron that high and far out of the rough.
  2. To me, nothing shows poor workmanship than unturned ferrules. It raises red flags. I purchased a set of clubs here shafted by a “professional clubmaker of 20 years” and the first thing I noticed was the uneven ferrules. After taking them apart, it was a mixture of parallel and taper shafts and just poor work. not saying that’s the case here but it would make me uneasy and the suggestion to verify yourself is spot on.
  3. When I had a 48* PW I went with a 54/60 but then when I switched to a 46* it was too big of a gap so I went 52/58. I kept the 52/58 combo when I went to the 47* PW. Good separation and can fill in the gaps with half swing.
  4. Given what’s currently in my bag, what I spent on them and they fact that I’m playing some of my best golf in years with less practice I see no reason to ever pass that “threshold”. Golf technology has been at standstill for many years, especially irons and I have no issues with playing a shaft that several years old if it works (i.e. Aldila NV). The new i59s are nice but they aren’t going to help me shoot a lower score than what I have. Basically for me the cost has to be around or slightly more than it would be to build from Golfworks. Driver: $200 with good shaft ($140 for current) 3W: $150 (current was $130 and it was new) Hybrid: $120 (current was $95) Irons: $600 (current was about $410 new) Wedge: $100 (current were $40-$50 and basically new) Putter: $200 (current was $130 NOS)
  5. I used to always play a shorter driver. Usually 44-44.5" as that seemed to give me the best accuracy without too much distance lost. Anything longer I just didn't have the control. I then built a Ping G30 at 45" with a Hzrdus Yellow and D5 and it was a phenomenal combo although spun a little too much at times but it was really accurate. However, after noticing that the tour average has seemingly increased the past several years (when I see WITB lots of guys seem to use 45+" drivers) and my slight loss in distance I decided to experiment with longer drivers. Tried a '17 M2 at 46" and it was really long but accuracy suffered a little. Now I have a Rogue at 45.5" and through 4 rounds with it my accuracy has been the same as the Ping but it's noticeably longer. Hit 10/11 fairways this past weekend with it. I think the key for me was trusting the longer/lighter shaft and just focusing on a rhythm for the swing.
  6. I've come to realize that if the setup, bounce and grind matches my swing then I don't care who makes the wedge. Once I stumbled on an old Callaway JAWS CC wedge with a great C-grind with a blunted leading edge, I haven't looked at any other wedges. Now once my current set and backup are done and if I can't find another set then I'll start looking. Vokey's will probably be near the bottom because I feel they are overpriced.
  7. Will try to keep this short. Tried NUMEROUS hybrids but the biggest issue was the lefts and confidence. Most of the time they were simply too long (club length) so I could never get comfortable. Found the ‘19 3H and 4H heads on eBay and picked up another NV105S shaft since I already had one. Built them .5” longer than an iron. I’ve had them in the bag for 8 rounds now, which is the longest ever. Played again today and hit the 3H four times (twice as layup on a par 5 and twice on a par 4) and used the 4H on two long par 3s. All great shots with one of the par 3s never leaving the flag to 15’ for a birdie. I’ve always known how much easier hybrids are when you find the correct one. Just never known until now. Key was shorter and heavier.
  8. I play the Tour Issue "F" heads. Picked them up new at the beginning last year and they are amazing. The feel, setup and control are amazing. Just love the fact that they are smaller heads with no offset. Luckily they are made out of the same 17-4SS so they still look relatively new and I have at least 40 rounds on them. Not sure what I'll do when it's time to replace them.
  9. Played them last year and they were nice at first but once the heat and humidity picked up they got slick and didn’t last long. Switched to the Royal Link Cords and haven’t looked back.
  10. No trades please. Shipping is CONUS only. I'm only providing a few pics but full pics here: Burner Forged Great condition JDM Burner Forged. As far as I can tell, lies are standard (based on looks and ball flight). Lofts appear to be based on around a 45* PW (based on the distance) but I have no way to verify if that's original or been altered. Hosels are .370 and from my research this is original. They don't looked reamed. $230 OBO
  11. Do you think there is anything to gain going from DG120 -> ETS 115? I currently have DG120 S300s in my irons and they perform great. But having a little more height/feel wouldn't be a bad thing but it sounds like you had the same launch/spin so the only thing to gain would be the vibration dampening?
  12. No trades please. Prices include CONUS shipping only. Full Disclosure: Regarding Burners, I bought them off of a member here who did the club work (not very good with ferrules honestly) but unfortunately I can’t verify anything about the shafts since they have no labels. However, they don’t feel stiff at all and feel comparable to my DG120 S300s. Now since the 4I has a slightly different iOMIC grip, I could pull the grip and check if there is any lazer etching but there’s no guarantee there is one. The clubs feel incredibly soft and are super forgiving but I can’t get the offset out of my head after playing clubs with no offset. I've given a sample but here are the full res pics: Full Res Pics Taylormade 2017 M2 9.5* with stock Diamana Limited Stiff. Hard to tell in pictures but there are slight "rub" marks from a ball when my son hit it a few times I'm not able to see at address. $160 OBO Taylormade JDM Burner Forged 4-PW with C-Taper Lites (NO LABELS) Stiff. They appear to be standard lie but I have no idea about loft but judging by how far I hit them I'd guess a 45* PW. $$250 (OBO) Bridgestone J33 3W would OG Speeder 757 stiff. Nothing much to be said. Sold
  13. This! I'd be all over a NP2 with a sight dot or naked. Don't understand why it's so hard to find OTR naked putters.
  14. No trades. I’ll probably regret this later but I’m hitting my ‘18 Apex 3/4Hybrids too well. This combo is the best feeling and performing I’ve hit in a driving iron. Excellent condition with UST Recoil 110 Prototype Utility 110 stiff. Royal Cord grip which had reduced taper (my favorite grip). $140 shipped.
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