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  1. I only look forward to new releases because it allows me to pick up older stuff cheaper I've learned that tech has been capped for so many years that everything is only incremental changes and often just horizontal moves and really have no impact on my scoring. I spent a lot of time over COVID tweaking my bag and worrying about getting the shafts, weights and lengths to the point where I've been really consistent in my play since last summer. Of course I'll tweak here and there just to scratch the "equipment" bug bit it will always be things a few years old. So maybe my G30
  2. Although I've always been a good long iron player, I tried a similar experiment last year by putting in a Recoil 95g in my 3I for two main reasons: Thought maybe the shaft and weight would give me a little more height since I'm not a fan of hybrids Could double up as a driving iron if I got a little more distance out of it. For me the experiment didn't last long. The main reason is that I actually ended up hitting it worse. The profile and weight was just too different than the rest of my irons (DGAMT at the time). And when I did hit it well, I didn't hit it any higher or lon
  3. Always has been my dilemma. Heavy putters are great for short putts but lag putting suffers greatly. It's funny, I have a few classic Ping 5BZ putters that are phenomenal for lag putting but I struggle with them inside 10'. So far the Maltby I have is 370g and it's been pretty good but it's only been on "winter" greens. I'm sure I will struggle once they pick up speed in the Spring.
  4. I somehow missed this but I'm seriously looking at the Tour X. Of all the shoes mentioned, those look like the closest to the stability of some old FootJoy Sports I have. They aren't along the lines of the LC4s, but if they are like the FJ Sports I still have (probably going on 10 years) then I'll be happy.
  5. Nice to see another PTM user. I love mine.
  6. I know I probably should be switching to hybrids in my long irons but I'm still really good with them and have no problems hitting them. The issue is that every hybrid I've tried my misses with them were significantly worse than a long iron. I've always been a really good iron player, even long irons, and have had trouble switching to hybrids. But I know the benefits are there if I can find one that I'm as confident with as my 3I. I think the main issue is that most hybrids are significantly longer and have really light shafts. I've tried heavier graphite but the heads are stil
  7. Excellent condition DGS300 taper tip with Royal Cord grips (which have reduced taper). They have been used for 1 round only. I don’t use shaft labels so the labels were never installed but will be included. Picture shows raw length of PW. 9I is 1/4” longer and then each subsequent iron is 1/2” longer. SOLD
  8. Decided to strip it of paint. Love the naked look.
  9. I don't think so. Attached are what I'm talking about. The leading edge, bounce and grind has been perfect for me. I wish I knew someone with an RTX4. Most of them are mainly Vokey or Pings.
  10. My 58* is an original JAWS CC C grind and it's the best wedge I've every used. The main reason is the high bounce and the leading edge is really blunted. Ironically I picked up the original one a few years ago for a backup bag and fell in love with it. I bought another as a backup that I'm on now. If I were to guess, it's a grind probably similar to the MD5 X-Grind. I picked up a 58* RTX4 medium bounce and the leading edge is really sharp but I'm wondering if the V-sole helps with digging? The wedges are new and I'm hesitant to try out because of the leading edge.
  11. No trades please. CONUS only. Brand new RTX4 with stock Tour issue DGS400. They were an impulse buy from Proozy but looking at the sole of the 58* (I’m a big digger) I’m not going to try it. I could return but figured I’d give someone else a deal and not deal with a restocking fee. $75 shipped each, $135 shipped both. Great condition Ping Anser 20* hybrid with Matrix Black Tie HM4 95g Stiff. It’s 40” and D3. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4. SOLD
  12. I wish Lamkin got away from these fake compounds and went back to just enhanced rubber. Genesis, ACE, 3GEN all feel horrible. High maintenance as they get slick quick. Their last good grip was the Z5 Tour taper. I was hoping they would at least add one back but I guess not. Luckily I found out about the Royal Link Cord grip. Great feeling grip and a great price.
  13. Yes they were. I had pulled them as I was going to put them in my RBZ but then decided not to.
  14. Decided to go a different direction next year. No trades. CONUS shipping only. I wanted to take plenty of pictures so hopefully the iCloud album shows. Mint Condition Wishon 575s 4-7CB, 8-PW MB. They have been used two rounds. Really hate this but I really need a sole that fits my steep swing. $235 OBO Great Condition Wishon dI595 2 & 3I heads. 2Iron played three rounds, 3 just two. Both reamed to .370. Just a note, since the body is mainly polished SS, I satinized them. $SOLD Elevate Tour VSS Stiff 3-PW. Currently gripped with Tour Velvet Plu
  15. Very possibly the weight or it could be the profile of the shaft. The only lightweight shaft that I’ve played well is the old Ping KT-M and ZZ65 shafts and I believe it’s because the profile is very similar to DG. But I only liked them in long irons (still occasionally play an Eye2+ 2iron with a KT-M). For me heavy shafts swing themselves and my timing and rhythm feed off of it. I had the same issue with bowling balls. Could never switch to lighter weights.
  16. I’ve been a long time DG used up until this past year (October of last year). I’ve tried DG105, KBS Tour, AMT, and now Elevate Tours. The Elevates have been the best feel wise but I think they spin a little too much for me. Today I hit a friends 7i with DG300 and it was like finding an old girlfriend That kick through impact with medium trajectory. Plus something about a heavy shaft matches my tempo and I just dead flushed it. Granted it was only one shot but I just haven’t felt the strike consistency I’ve always had with DGs since switching to different weight/profiles. With DG, I fe
  17. I’m so glad I stumbled on this thread as they were never on my radar until I read that they were reduced taper. Decided to try out the 13 (buy 9 get 4) and played a round today with it on my driver. Have to say I’m extremely impressed and found my new grip. It’s a firmer feeling grip with a tremendous amount of traction without tearing up the hands. Today was a great day to test out as it was in the mid-50s, windy and very dry. I have dry hands so this time of year some grips feel slick to me, especially my Tour Velvet +4. But I had no issues with traction and loved the way i
  18. I wonder how much the fact that they have almost zero driver/fairway wood presence? If you look at the weekly WITBs, you will see numerous bags with their irons and driving irons but no drivers. Drivers seem to drive the market because of the constant talk about length. So no TV driver presence means no need for golf shops to get them in and it just trickles down from there.
  19. I’ve tried the F85 twice and both times the main issue I had was that it was a little left biased. Really long, easy to hit off the deck even with a slightly deeper face and good off the tee. If it were adjustable where I could’ve opened up the face I would’ve kept it. I’ve found a good compromise with my Ping G30. The secret for me was to pair it with a very tip stiffed shaft to keep spin down. My G30 is equally as long as the F85 but the trade off is it’s easier off the deck, especially tight lies but not as good off the tee where I prefer a deeper face. But so far it’s been
  20. Sorry...just wanted to add a few pics. Miss that thin topline and love the shape at address. I’ll try to get some more this weekend.
  21. I'd take a look at a Ping G30 (maybe even G400). I too was looking for a higher launching wood but with lower spin. I played a Mizuno MP-650 for many years and it was a beast. Very flat trajectory and very long. Good off the tee but not so much off the deck. I tried a 2017 M2 HL and had the same problem I've had with other higher lofted woods. They simply spun too much and I lost distance. I've finally settled on a G30 3W but I think what makes it so good is that I put 6 cotton balls in the head to get the weight up and then put in a Hzrdus Smoke Yellow (counter balanced) shaft
  22. Well I finally caved and now have a set of 575s drying. 8-PW MBs and 4-7CBs with a Di595 3I. Decided to reuse the Elevate Tour shafts that I had in my RBZ Tours. I forgot just how beautiful they are and I love the setup at address. Can't wait to get them out this weekend. Weather is suppose to be perfect.
  23. I have a really strong feeling that I will build a set of 575s again as a Winter project. Played them years ago and played some great golf. Although I love my RBZ Tours (Tour issue F head), I just miss playing forged clubs, especially blades in the short irons. Just built a Di595 18* and have been so impressed with it. So part of my dilemma is do I got with the Di595 3I and then rest 575s?? I was thinking of going with a hybrid in the 21-22* spot but the Di595 has been so good...
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