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  1. One of those clubs have to come out. Unless I can't count. That list had 15 clubs listed.
  2. I recently purchased the TSi3 and have yet to hit it on the course. I literally cannot wait!
  3. Welp. That settles that! Appreciate the feedback guys!
  4. As stated in the title, I am about to pull the trigger on some Titleist 620 MB's. I have played Titleist 660's for going on 12-13 years. (multiple sets) but I've read on here how unforgiving the 620's are. My question is, is it possible for them to be less forgiving than 660's?! I've never had a ball striking issue with my 660's, always been confident, and making a change after this much time, I really would like something that resembles my old irons. I have hit the 620's and loved how they felt. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Little old school here. 2002 Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 35" in Length 340 gram head
  6. Haha. Fair enough. I'm not in the market for a $2500 putter either... My old Studio Stainless NP II works just fine.
  7. Well I'm not paying $2500 for a putter that is not a Scotty. That is only because I have more confidence that it would hold it's value.
  8. Appreciate it. I've already messaged them.
  9. Ok guys, so before we get started, NO I do not have pics. I sold this putter on here back in 2008. Here is the description: First Putter: BB8 DASS Tour Fit Face a 1 of 7 one of only two made with a sight dot(35" long 340 Gram). I was told that the other went to Mr. Bettinardi. Anyhow this putter is one extremely sweet stick. It has what they call a smoked finish. Very durable and no maintence required. Perfect putter that has never left my office. Perfect condition white Betti grip and white Tour Limited head cover. Looking for $1000 Shipped and PP This was
  10. I can't speak for the Redwood. Never used on. I have however used a Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport 2 for going on 12-13 years. One of the best feeling putters I've ever had. I also have a basically new Studio Select Newport 2 that I bought new, and special ordered it, and it still could not beat out my Studio Stainless. Just keep it for a back up. You really can't go wrong with the Studio Select or the Special Selects. I would not be to excited about the Studio Styles however. I like a solid putter with polymers numbing the feel. JAT. Good Luck!
  11. Awesome! Thank you! Just joined, waiting to get "approved"
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