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  1. Been a while since I've been on our WRX or posted here but have a few things to let go. As always, everything is OBO and priced shipped/PP. The only trades I would think about would be TM m5/m6/sim 3 or 5 wood with stiff shaft for my pops. 2020 Scotty Special Select NP2 - Stock, 33." Not much to say here. Used for maybe 10 rounds and some putting in the garage. SOLD Brand new Costa Del Mar Reefton Blackout/580g silver lightwave - Brand new, sticker has fallen off since pic but I thnk its in the box. Comes with boxes, papers, case, towel. - MSRP is 260 - Lets go with $
  2. One item today. Tried to do a nice thing for my bro and picked these up here last week for him. Then the good ole fashion TM demo w/Trackman happened and he no longer needs these as he ordered a full set Just want to get out what we have in them. No trades at this time unless you have a TSi 4-pw standard L,L,L w/kbs tour black smoke colored shafts -- minimal bag chatter and plenty of life left (7, 9, pw have most wear...) the 4i has barely been used SOLD
  3. Hoping for a quick sale. Priced shipped and PP. Only trade interest is SM8 54 s grind. Will do a bundle deal if someone wants it all. Vokey SM7 set - sold(Looking to keep as a set unless I have buyers for all) 50.12 F 56.10 S 60.12 D All 3 great condition. I'd say 8.5/10. Maybe used for 5-10 rounds? Golf Pride MCC Plus4 - sold LAst is The Buck Club Shark Week putter cover - sold
  4. As for trades. I don't know what I want for a $110 value but let me know what you have. (x flex low spin mid launch shafts (somewhat current), putters, wedges, u65 or u85 or UDI) I can add cash Two items today. Pricing includes shipping. Will get out day of or follow day of payment First is a set of Ctaper 130x straight from KBS. Still have box that they were shipped in. Only 4 months old and maybe 5 rounds on them. 3-pw w/golfpride tour velvet. 3 iron is raw and uncut. Currently un-labeled but will include originals Play at standard titleist lengths (38" 5 iron)SOLDSecond is a Tour AD GP 7x
  5. Wanted to share my experience with online/video lessons. I have always been very very skeptical and could never pull the trigger. I am a mix feel and visual player and when I do get a lesson, I ask a ton of questions and always want to know the reason behind what is asked of me. (if that makes sense). I'll be honest, I kind of thought it was a bit of a scam. Boy was I wrong. Long story short, I have been at an all time low with my game over the last 6 months. I typically get a "tune up" lesson once every 10-12 months and can typically figure out what I am doing in between those lessons. This
  6. Add my favorite irons of all time to that list. Tourstage Z101. they look identical.
  7. Looking to move some random stuff. Everything is priced shipped. I'd like to keep vokeys and shoes together because of shipping but will split. Proforce VTS Silver 103x - $50Planning on putting this in a DI but went a dif route. Has TM RBZ graphics. Was taken off the tour truck38.5" so it will play around 40 installed Puma golf shoes - Size 10 - $35 Bridgestone J15 DF 4 iron - $50 Nikes - SOLDDVokey TVD 60 k grind - SOLDD Vokey SM6 54 s grind - SOLD
  8. Just FYI, just left my local Costco and they have a whole pallet full of putters. First time I had one in hand, I may be the minority but think it looks better in pictures. I guess I was expecting (hoping) for more of a Scotty/toulon finish. I think the materials are good, reflective of price.
  9. Seems strange when hes arguably one of the better putters on tour.
  10. One of those ads that whatever sells (or trades) first, I'll keep the other. Trade Interest (only these right now): SM8Special Select Scotty (no mallets)Titleist U500 - head only or xstiff Can add cashUp for sale are two Ventus Black 6x. 44" w/Titleist tip. Golf Pride tour velvet gripBought at untipped but after getting my other shaft, measurements so that this is most likely tipped 0.75"Looking to get $200 shippedPlays 44" w/Titleist tip (does not have a tip currently)Currently 43 1/4" without a tipFrom measurements, this does not appear tippedGolf pride cord grip. Looking to get $200 shippe
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