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  1. except the way you’re proposing doing it is the very definition of mail fraud. But hey, whatever floats your boat I guess.
  2. you need to watch the sales and only buy during one of their good sales for the category you’re looking at. You can almost always wait it out and get 20%, sometimes 30/35% apparently my contribution was so important I had to say it twice lol. Where do we report site bugs.......just found one I think.
  3. you need to watch the sales and only buy during one of their good sales for the category you’re looking at. You can almost always wait it out and get 20%, sometimes 30/35%
  4. is that legal? I’m pretty sure gift cards are prepayments for future goods and services. If I was provided the gift card code (and whatever verification codes are required if applicable) I’m not sure how a merchant can refuse to honor them. that said, gift card wiki looks sketchy as hell. I don’t see anywhere where they have any kind of guarantee that you’ll get anything that works, which is weird, most gift card sales sites have some kind of wording around that.
  5. So I kinda have a simplistic view of this whole situation. It’s either 1 of 2 things: 1. It was damaged by someone (in shipping, or against a divider pole at the range, I too have seen and had it happen etc.) 2. It’s a defect that was waiting to present itself. step 1, Buyer, contact cobra and try to get them involved to replace it. If they do based on option2, great, no one Is out anything. And maybe your swing speed is just that muncher higher than the sellers, and it broke. If they won’t help, it’s clearly because they believe it was option 1 as well.
  6. Oh yeah!! Onoff forgings are awesome! Man, if I didn’t just buy a Honma set I’d be all over these.....but then again, there no LAW against the number of iron sets we can own...right? Lol glws !!
  7. It’s October! We need to all stop saying “end of season sale”, it’s depressing lol. GLWS
  8. so if the flight looks like the right height (or a bit high) you MIGHT be spinning the ball too much with that driver shaft combo. Which is why you are ending up shorter than you expected. Hard to say without really watching the flight and knowing what you’re looking for if you don’t have a monitor. You want to see if it’s climbing up a bit like an iron, instead of launching and Looking flat. Of course the opposite could be true too, you might be launching low with too little spin. Maybe watch closely and see if you can tell, but obviously, it’s far easier to diagnose this with numbers fr
  9. funny, I’m glad to see this post. YES, I have a similar reaction to the whole blackout craze. I didn’t realize until I read your post, I think it’s for the same reason, I get optical illusions when everything is all black. Honestly, even the same head simply in black can throw me off at times. Thank you for clearing up what it was I didn’t like, the optical illusions on dimensions.
  10. Anyone have any opinions and/or comparison? They seem to be for a pretty comparable target market.
  11. so by blah do you mean poor distance, or erratic direction? Or even just flat out bad contact? I also don’t like shallow driver faces, so I get that. I really like the epic SZ, more than the maverik even. Nice deep face, great ballspeed, and somehow compact looking on top (to me). The only thing I don’t like is the sound, it’s definitely loud and tingy. But I also tend to like callaway and taylormade driver shapes. Not all of them, but as a generalized statement.
  12. it’s ok, we all have preferences. I personally think Titleist drivers are ugly, always have, probably will until a new shape is around. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t like them even though I recognize they are probably actually traditional looking. It’s ok, we all have that kind of weird preference, the key is just being honest with yourself. If you’re drawn for example to the weird turbulator things on the ping, go try the ping. It’s weird how our preferences affect our perception and actual results. but I guess it would be nice if you could clearly state what it
  13. No, launch (ball speed, launch angle, backspin, side spin) determines distance and stopping power. Loft is a variable that helps affect launch.
  14. I rarely get asked what I’m hitting or hit now; but I think it’s partly Because I play with fairly established groups more often these days, unlike before when I would play more single golf with random people. but I NEVER said a club number to them when they asked. I always just said a yardage. A typical conversation used to go: Them: ”hey, what are you hitting?” Me: ”I’m playing 165” Them: ”oh...”. Or maybe Them: ”oh....what iron is that?” Me: ”I have no idea, how far do you hit your irons?”
  15. I haven’t measured them. I can tell looking down they are significantly different looking, the callaway definitely has lower loft. But I can’t tell you precisely how much other than the spec sheet, sorry. And no worries, I’m not a fan boi of any brand, I’ve had, tried, and used them all. Whatever works for me works. That’s how my bag gets setup lol.
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