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  1. But he was asking why the distance on the range he was seeing wasn't matching what mevo was saying. In my experience with mevo, it's no good at the range because the spin numbers are not real or accurate, especially on certain types of range balls. I wasn't telling him to put the dots on range balls (but he can), just trying to explain why what he's seeing doesn't match what mevo is saying!
  2. In order for the mevo to be accurate you need the stickers on the ball so it can read spin correctly. Especially on low spin range balls.
  3. Yes, there's a lot of miss information in this thread. Placebo effect for some probably. https://us.exactgolf.com/pages/project-x-shafts/
  4. What is it specifically about the 745's that you love so much? I like the 765's I've been fooling around with except for the sole width, I feel like I might experience the same thing the txg guys talked about with some club head speed slowdown when I'm slightly off and catch one a little heavy. I was thinking of trying the 785, just because they seem to be the narrowest sole
  5. Do you find the zx7 sole significantly wider again compared to the 785? The photos seem to make the difference look pretty big and I'm curious cause I'm one of those people who likes the thinner sole, I'm a bit nervous about the zx7 since I did t love the 765 width and it's hard to tell on a testing matt Oh, and sorry, I just couldn't resist, lol. I know you were just excited
  6. It's hard to take reviews seriously When you say: "Had one toe miss with the 7-iron that would’ve sputtered and travelled 30yds with the 785’s that only lost 10yds from my regular distance" These are all forged heads with minimal cavities. There's no way one head is going to perform that different than the other. Glad you like the zx7's, but they aren't going to change a 30 yard toe shot into a full shot, unless your normal 7 iron only goes 40 yards lol
  7. I think it's obvious from the photos prior in the thread, the 785 have the narrowest sole. I think some switch backs might be because of the sole. The 745/765 and zx7 are wider, for some it's kinda weird feeling and penalizing on heavy shots.
  8. exactly. Just search any thread about club lengths and you’ll quickly realize 1/4 inch is within the method error of each manufacturer. They likely aren’t wrong. They aren’t coming out of the factory wrong, they are likely coming out as pxg intends. this has been a know discrepancy for a long time. Taylormade for example is never the same as callaway even when they state the same length.
  9. When groups are leaving them on the green and going to the next tee, after getting put on the clock.... Yeah, they know.
  10. I'm glad I'm not losing my mind lol! So if you could choose between the 2 would you prefer sim 1?
  11. Harder is a great description. I felt like the head was pressurized with something the first times I hit it! It feels very firm but ambiguous.
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