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  1. +1 shipping is the problem. There’s serious shipping issues from China, with a shortage of shipping containers, backlogged ports, etc etc. it’s hitting tons of industries and trickling down to us.
  2. i think this is an important concept that isn’t being discussed enough.. If the flag is in the middle of the green and the back of the green is 165, hit the 7 iron. A perfect 7 is still going to be putting, and the mishit 7 will be flag high. if however, the back of the green is at say 155, that becomes a bad decision because the perfect 7 iron is going to potentially be serious trouble, especially with a severely sloped back to front green. Then, I’d probably be happier 5 feet off the front, instead of off the green behind. I think the answer really dep
  3. so In better player irons, the only thing that’s really changed is loft. So it’s not a surprise you don’t see much that performs better. Fairway woods, and wedges, frankly haven’t changed a ton either. And putters are just preference anyway. the one that surprises me a little bit is the driver. It’s very hard to ignore that newer drivers are more forgiving on miss hits. They retain much better ball speed and launch conditions. The only club I personally think you should reconsider is the driver. Newer drivers are definitely far better on mishits than your i15.
  4. I’ve noticed that the time of day matters. in the morning before say 12, I don’t hear music often. In the afternoon, 50% might be a reasonable guess. That’s on our main course anyway. and for many that are saying they “ask” before the round, which one of us really wants to be the jerk that says “no, we hate music, don’t play it”. 10 years ago none of us had to answer that question, because no one did it. BUT, even if I say I don’t mind, that doesn’t mean I expect you to play it at a volume that I can hear it. But it seems like once I say yes, all bets are
  5. you were lucky they were playing something you kinda liked. It stinks when they aren’t I tend to be indifferent if the volume is reasonable. But the problem is not the guys with a reasonable volume, none of us hear those guys! It’s the obnoxious volume guys that we are probably talking about more. And maybe that stupid speaker that yells the yardages out (wingman or something). That thing is dumb.
  6. wait a minute though, those same guys aren’t shooting a “score” on those practice days, they are learning lines, checking green books and reads, and specifically seeking out as much of the trouble and course design as they can. They aren’t concentrating to shoot a score. There’s a big difference.
  7. I think it’s definitely gotten way more common in the last 2 years. We have a couple of regulars now blasting it all the time. If I can hear it 3 holes away, it might be a bit loud. funny part is, one guy plays the same playlist all the time. I know it’s him without even looking, it’s all Vietnam era classic rock. NOTHING else ever.
  8. You don’t need to change wedges twice a year. The old wedge didn’t wear out, it’s only a few hundred rpm
  9. I think you are 100% correct. I’d expect them to hit any moment on AliExpress, and wish, and all those China direct websites. Hopefully they are thinking about that and putting on some kind of authentication stuff.
  10. You can call it a lollipop if you want. It doesn’t change what it is or isn’t.
  11. Sorry, I'm not a blind fanboi of any brand or product. Something isn't good because it's expensive. It should be expensive BECAUSE it's good first. If something works, great, if it doesn't that's cool too. Like many people though, I want to KNOW what the autoflex shaft that's $750 actually is. And if it's a ladies flex shaft with a 20x markup, I'll make a purchase decision accordingly. The logic your proposing doesn't make a lot of sense to me. But more power to you for the blind love. Wish I could share that same blind enthusiasm. But after many many years playing this game,
  12. I wasn't trying to be flippant or anything, hope it didn't seem like that. Obviously, you can test however you want, totally cool. It's just like I said, most technical shaft reviews are trying to show that increases in spin are not coming from the flexibility of the shaft, rather the change in impact location on the face. So as a tester the question simply is do you change setup to adjust for it, or conclude it doesn't work. It seems like with the autoflex many more people are willing to spend time and adjust to the shaft (probably because it's a big $ purchase), than might be willing to a
  13. If you happen upon it again, please post it, I'd be super curious and haven't had much success finding it
  14. But I think what's interesting is, most YouTube reviewers have been showing that the shaft itself does NOT affect spin at all. It changes the location on the face that we impact. So with the NV shaft you were probably catching the bottom of the club face and that's why you had those spin numbers. There does seem to be some truth in that concept with the testing I've seen and done myself. So if you didn't spend as much time with the NV figuring out how to find the right impact location with ball position and tee height, I'm not sure if it's showing much. The other odd part of
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