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  1. there was interest in the head. send me an offer on the shaft
  2. I have some new 0311 Forged wedges that I want to reshaft with DG S400 black onyx (.355) and have a few questions. I bought the PXG ferrule with the tip spacer on Golfworks but when I dry fit them the shaft will not go into the hosel with the spacer on (perhaps if I really forced it). So, question is, will this wedge accept a .355 taper shaft without a shim? Also, I have noticed that the .355 ferrule seems too small for the black shafts, is this typical? I am going to just use some acetone to turn down the inside to get it on. Thanks
  3. price drop again on the FH1000 irons. In addition to the SIM, I will entertain trades for a mint Single Bend Spider X or Cameron Phantom X7
  4. thanks and I agree. I think these will go up in value too and I hate selling both the putter and the irons but my club inventory is building to the point where the wife is starting to take way too much notice!
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