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  1. has to be shafts or grips. Srixon has the heads from what I have heard
  2. Old: I play the Cobra King LTD 3 wood, 14.5* and its a rocket launcher- 183 CC Newer: Cobra Big Tour 173CC Titleist TSi 1/2/3: 175CC PING G425 MAX : 176 CC Callaway Epic MAX: 179 CC If you wait or want brand new new, Callaway Men's Rogue ST Max LS: 180 CC Cobra LTDX LS which is supposed to replace Big Tour is only 169 CC I got this off of www.tgw.com. So double check with manufacturer... I prefer large profile and hence I play the LTD. I have never found another club that looks as good as the LTD or perform as well. Good luck!
  3. Ordered Wednesday Jan 12th, ZX4 5 iron, ZX5 6-GW, Project X LZ 6.5. Received January 19th- 1 week!!
  4. Ordered a set of ZX5's coming with Project X LZ 6.5s... Can't wait to get them!
  5. Hello All, Ok I've changed my mind and I am selling these Callaway Apex 2021 Forged irons 5-GW with Project X LZ 6.5 (X-stiff) shafts with BestGrips MicroPerf Leather Golf Grips in tan. Played one round today is all, that's why they grips are discolored. I have been wrapping them in a towel over night in warm water to get the ProTack to activate. I have $1600 in this set up. They are -1/4" off and standard lie. Unfortunately I know I will be taking a bath on these. Pricing includes shipped in CONUS. Please no trade offers. SOLD pin 1/11
  6. Was yours the 1.25 thorn? Just wondering because I saw one at CC and it felt incredibly tacky, which I love! They didn’t have any in stock so I just purchased one on eBay! Can’t wait!
  7. You can order- They won't ship until Feb is how I understand it
  8. Happy Holidays All, For sale tonight I have a newer (4 rounds + 1 sim session) Callaway Customs Epic Max LS 10.5* in Black- sweet looking club. Comes with a Fujikura Speeder Evolution II X Flex Shaft that will play to 45". This set up brand new would be $770+. If you got lucky to find this custom head like this and this shaft used you'd still be $600+. You can no longer do this club in the Custom section as well. Below is pricing for lower 48. NO TRADES please. Head & Shaft (and Headcover): $420 Head only +HC: $360 Shaft: $90 Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! pin 12/15
  9. tsur1

    Zx5 vs Apex 21

    I know this is an older thread but I just got fitted today and the Callaway Apex’s won over the Srixon X5s and X7s. I tried Mizzy’s (921 models) Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Srixon and Callaway. Narrowed it down to Apex’s and X5/X7s. I actually liked the X7s over the X5s- for whatever reason was just hitting the X7s way cleaner. Final edge was dispersion with the shaft I was most happy about. Honestly, that was the biggest surprise for me. I’m going with the Project X LZ 125 6.5s. I have never liked the feel of the Project X shafts, I have just never gotten along with them. So I was extremely surprised by this shaft, and honestly the head too. I walked in thinking I was going to be Titleist, Mizuno or Srixon head with DG TI X-100s. Ended up with a completely different set… chalk it up as another reason to get fit.
  10. Does anyone know if Club Champion has these on their carts yet?? Have a fitting Tuesday….
  11. As the title states- trying to determine which would be the best for me- What is the difference between the two?? Thanks in advance- I've searched the forums and I can't find this specific topic anywhere!
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