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  1. I feel bad piling on because I’ve already commented in this thread, but I really hope Ping reads this forum and catches on. As a die hard Ping fan, I feel like they’re losing their consumer base with their putters, which should be their bread and butter. This is company that is so in-tune with drivers and irons that I can’t understand what’s happening with putters. Please Ping, read this thread and realize that a refocus, reorg, or reinvestment is necessary in your putter line development, otherwise you’ll continue losing market share to your competitors, who have repurposed your designs. Keep
  2. I just looked at the Odyssey thread, and then made the mistake of looking at this one. Is Ping actively trying not to sell putter? I feel like this is the golf version of the Producers. Couldn't agree more with the comments above about these putters looking cheap and having very weird necks, in particular those with the double bends. Will be sticking with my old 95 Scottsdale.
  3. Like the sigma 2, I sense this will be another tanker for Ping. Come on Ping! Everything else you make is cutting edge, aesthetically pleasing, and engineered to the max. Why do your putters look like Walmart clones of Cleveland’s $80 putters. Putters should be your flagship, yet they continually look like afterthoughts. Either rely on your heritage and pump out high-end remakes of your classics, ala Cameron, or go for innovation, and hire a design consultant so you can actually compete with TM and Odyssey.
  4. Sorry to thread jack, but as someone that’s in the market for new irons, I only wish that either of these companies would adopt the Cobra tour or Wilson looks with the square toe. Why do all brands continue putting out rounded toe irons? I know Srixon has always been in this camp, but Callaway seems to be continuing to drift in this direction with each iteration, especially with the newest release. I wish Callaway would hand over the reins to Roger Cleveland again in the design process.
  5. When did Callaway drop him? Are companies just dropping these 2nd/3rd tier players to save money? I feel like there are so many free agents at this point.
  6. When collaborating on a brand new set of irons, where do you begin, and what does that process look like? I would assume that there are millions of variables(aesthetics, launch, feel, sound, launch, etc.), what do you start by honing in on and then where do you go from there? Thanks.
  7. They’re super tacky and last forever, my only issue with them is that they’re too soft and gummy. There’s some twisting associated with them, which I think is an issue. I’d opt for something a little firmer.
  8. Apex and Apex DCB are good looking irons, not sure what happened with the Pro. How can you label it pro, and give it a longer blade length and just as much offset. I’ve loved the previous Pro offerings but this totally missed the mark. Guess that’s why actual pros aren’t playing it.
  9. Why are MCraft putters on this list? They were released a year ago.
  10. They’re a website that sells paint pens with a golf markup, not sure what you’re looking for. Hobby lobby, or any craft store for that matter, does the same for a lot less.
  11. Growing up in the Tiger era, I always favored Tiger and viewed Phil as the competition, but as I get older, that perspective has changed dramatically. Phil is an old-school legend, and the game will be worse off once he retires. Tiger feels like a walking spokesperson for corporate interests, whereas with Phil you get unfiltered personality. The younger guys could learn a thing a two from him. Watching golf nowadays with the Justins, Rhams, Xander’s, etc., is like watching robots, one of the reasons the ratings have slipped the last few years. Please let another Phil-like personality come alon
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