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  1. Please, please, please can we see some address pics of these triple diamond fairway woods
  2. Because I like watching golf, duh. There’s nothing life or death about sports, hence the silly comment. Players and fans acting like there’s some existential significance to US or Europe winning the Ryder Cup, or more importantly, that they’d jeopardize their credibility over something that the public will no longer care about on Monday morning, just seems shortsighted. Calling out fan and player behavior doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate the play or the game, it’s these critiques that help instill credibility and maintain the integrity. It’s like the story about when Palmer called Tiger after his slump in 98 and was caught swearing on camera a bunch of times, and said “people, notably kids, look up to you, be better!”
  3. Sure thing, buddy. Rather than respond articulately or with any reflection, take the easy way out, throw in a slogan and call it a day.
  4. Sure there have been blowhards in years past on the European teams as well. Poulter being the best example. But never has there been a majority, not do I remember Europeans fans ever yelling epitaphs at players like “F&@$ you”, “Choke a&$hole”, or “hit it in the water”, during players backswings. It’s a silly golf tournament that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme things, it’s shocking people are willing to resort to such lows, and jeopardize their and their countries respectability during entertainment events.
  5. I have to say that as an American, I’m utterly disappointed in the spectacle that has become the US presence at the Ruder cup. From boisterous and belligerent fans to antagonist players, I find this competition hard to even watch. Golf is supposed to be a gentleman’s game, but this feels like a high school pep rally with alcohol. I know the US is eager to win, but where’s the class and decorum that should be associated with an international team event. Granted, there as the exceptions, Xander, Spieth, Stricker, Dustin, and Colin; but otherwise, I find the rest borderline embarrassing. It’s like the crowd and part of the team adopted the tenet that fake macho-ism is a sign of grit and toughness, boisterous is a substitute for confidence, and strong talk is what defines the character of a man. For tonight, I hope Stricker sits the players down and makes them watch tapes of Nicklaus, Palmer, Faldo, and Watson to instill what’s winning with class looks like.
  6. The squared off toe is perfect! Topline…a little chunky. If only they would have rounded it, it would have looked a lot better.
  7. Azinger is intolerable. He continues to make these broad generalizations, like “a seven iron, he’s never going to make it”, and then the player bombs it over the green. I never thought I’d say this, but Miller please come back!
  8. This is a great thread! Nail_It do you have any videos? Or any that you’d recommend? It’a hard putting this into practice without seeing it. Thank you!
  9. Thanks nail_it. Great content! Reading through your release post, there’s a ton of good feels to focus on; however, any drills that you could recommend?
  10. Dan, this is a fantastic thread. It got me to purchase a Pro, and I absolutely love it! One thing that I'm struggling to untangle is whether you advocate starting the swing with the arms or legs (ground forces). In some of your videos, like Power Pivot, it seems like you're advocating using ground forces to start the swing, but in others, it seems like you're suggesting starting with the arms pulling toward the target line. Sorry if you've already covered this but do you advocate for one over the other? Or, more basically, when using the Pro, should I focus on starting with the arms, or using ground forces? Or if it's both, is there a drill for that? Thanks.
  11. That all makes sense but there is an Apex Pro TCB listed under Si Woo Kim. Wonder if that’s something different.
  12. How do you tell if these are the Miura forged version? I thought it had something to do with milled faces, but can’t remember if that was this set.
  13. What’s the difference between Apex TCB and Apex Pro TCB? Also, what’s the X21 utility?
  14. Everything about that iron is PERFECT except the toe. I feel like Titleist has designed a beautiful blade but forgotten to address the end of it. It’s not rounded like a Srixon, boxy like a TM, or squared off like a Wilson. Instead, it’s an oblong mess with a bulbous lower half and incongruous top. #PleaseFindDonWhite
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