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  1. Clean bag. Lots of wedges and he goes from 3 wood right to a 3 iron. I'm sure that may change depending on conditions or courses on any given week, but I get the sense that he's pretty long!
  2. Perhaps "Classical Gas" is playing in the headphones? Couldn't resist. Apologies. Nice bag. Cool putter and grip.
  3. Innovation is in the eye of the beholder. The company, in my opinion, truly has created something innovative and it seems that the putters would be beneficial to a certain golfer, just as a 2-Ball putter might. I rolled one once and liked it very much, but it required me to change my pre-shot routine to "check and then go." Nothing wrong with that, but I like the freedom of manipulating the putter with a bit more freedom. But the putters certainly feel good.
  4. Johnson is such a solid player. Love when he's near the top of the leaderboard. As far as the 905, now I don't feel like my Ping G10 is that old.:)
  5. If these can still be properly pushed into the second cut as usual, I'm in.
  6. Thanks for sharing these great pics. I came to this thread because Sergio is the best iron striker I've personally ever seen...but I do wish his demeanor would improve. I am certainly not without shortcomings but it's so magnified with him. He is very good at being a mad golfer. I blew up once on the course and my dad gave me the old Tommy Bolt line, "you aren't good enough to get mad." If someone told Sergio that, he'd probably explode! :)
  7. Hope he does well. The putter looks like a pair of opera glasses.
  8. Well, he's all smiles! That's a good sign. :) It's a clean look and looks pretty heavy. Go Charlie!
  9. Lots of rain in DFW leading up to tournament rounds. Last year the course was quite muddy for attendees. Hopefully it'll go smoothly this week for all involved. Fingers crossed!
  10. I'll take a 1 iron! (To hang above the fireplace, of course)
  11. Ernie must enjoy the feedback of the Microhinge face. He is the nicest guy. I had a brief interaction with him at the Nelson a couple years ago. I told him it was always a pleasure to watch him play and that my ticket was worth every penny because I saw him make an eagle. He smiled and said "that's great, mate, but I'm getting up there...."
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