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  1. The 60s and 32s are all time greats. Mix and match. IMO as good as anything else out there today.
  2. My misses with blades or CBs or GI clubs are all equally disgusting. When I do swing it well and put the blades in, my good shots are better than with CBs or GIs and my level of fun is often higher too. I'm high single digits just whacking it around for fun most the time, so I'm 100% supportive of this take.
  3. That was it! I didn't have the story straight after 15 years. Thanks - makes sense.
  4. Bumping this beautiful thread to the top. Anyone know proper tip trimming for an OG Blue stiff? I have a new, uncut one (it's beautiful) and I would like it to play true stiff. To my knowledge, they were made for full-bore heads, so some extensive tipping is necessary for modern drivers... please correct me if I'm wrong. I have a Reg flex, full insert into a 983k and it plays a bit softer than the Stiff I have in an MP-001.
  5. I'm sure there are others out there with the exact measurement, but each uncut Tour AD has the same length from tip to the first ring. Used to have it, but can't find it... maybe if you poke around https://proschoicegolfshafts.com/pdf-trimming-guide/ you can find it. It looks to me like you're -0.5" compared to the first shaft based off picture 3.
  6. The Original Blue... my heart skipped a beat
  7. I tend to feel there's a lot of REAL GOOD in GR, but none I'd call GREAT. I've played most of what's mentioned here, but I have a soft spot for Diamond Springs as the top of the pack.
  8. Is "TX" their wording for X-Stiff, or is it truly TOUR X-stiff? Great stick.
  9. MX 23s that are from 2004 or 2005 have reappeared again. Not as long as modern sticks, but so reliable it's crazy.
  10. I could read 1,000 of these trip posts. My preference is Inn>Lodge and yes, grab that king room on the ends (room 143 ftw!) Great pics too.
  11. Yeah, I've been confused by who they aimed these two sets at. Seems like the same segment... Anyway, I'm kind of like you. I hit the center a lot, but don't always know where they're going. I'm a long time Apex cf16 player and snagged a set of XForged CBs for a few rounds. They're entirely playable irons. I've only had a few swings with the Apex Pro in a sim, so it's hard to say, but I like XForged better. I'm doing a fitting on Monday so I'll try and report back!
  12. You can do the math on the months you're looking for, but I did January the last few years at ALL IN under $1800 and maxed out on everything. Flight, car, 3-4 golf days, played every course, every meal with extra 'tizers and wine and pretty basic Lodge/Inn. No caddies. Actually was a smidge less than that this year.
  13. I think the only guy in the last few groups (or those that got big TV time) that DIDN'T play a Ventus was Cantlay. And I think he maybe had one in his fw????
  14. Silly question: What's going on along the right side of Bandon Dunes #9? I was... in it... last time and it appears to be a semi abandoned alternate hole. Anyone know the story?
  15. Very happy with my 20*. I like the stock Orange too. It’s easy to hit but not at all versatile, which is good! Can really only get 200-220 out of it, no more no less. Flies high on good strikes and when I thin it (my miss) it still scoots out there. Definitely possible I look for a 17 and 23 at some point. Maybe next season’s CPO sales.
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