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  1. Agree. I'm excited about the profile and want to try it, but it's one of those things where it's new, but not really new. They probably felt some pressure to "top" the OG Ventus (which is likely one of the best shafts of all time) but how do you follow that up? I'm definitely buying one, ha.
  2. I'm not at all knowledgeable enough to dispute what their machines say. They might in fact be a similar profile on paper. But yeah, the UB and DI are drastically different in feel. I've yet to really dial in the UB (thanks winter), but both it and the DI give me great ballflights and results on good hits, but my misses do wildly different things...
  3. The Max had the 70g Aldila White. Felt good, looked good. I actually really like it in a driver more than a fw. I think the standard Mavrik will be in the bag for a while. I paired it with a Fujikura Ventus, and it's long, easy enough to hit but in general I'm a decent fairway wood player and hit it often. Plays pretty neutral IMO. Very big fan. Edit: I top out at about 105mph with driver. No clue on the lack of distance with the Max. I've hit some bombs with it, but on average I get like 210-230 yards? It didn't work out. Standard Mav, I can usually carry 220 or so.
  4. Makes me feel better to hear. I went with the 13° hoping to find an easy to hit head that I could hit low ropes with, but couldn't really dial it in.
  5. I found the Mav Max to be good at keeping me from fading. Face is shut, and it does kind of make my left miss more... left. Super easy to hit, but I couldnt get much distance from it. That was possibly a shaft or a "me" issue, but I gave up on it for the standard Mavrik. If you over fade, this could be a good stick for you, plus they're dirt cheap right now.
  6. You bet... Grapevine Muni Texas Star Texas Rangers Stevens Park Old American Cowboys Golf Club I enjoyed all of them and should be within about 30 mins from Cattleack BBQ, which is also a worthwhile stop.
  7. I have both. Definitely chrome. The raw is a much deeper color and for sure will rust up (and ding up, superficially) fast.
  8. Ah, a favorite topic for the Bandon crowd. It's all been covered above, but my favorite moves are the ziplocs and the hooded waterproof jacket. I've settled onto a $100 Columbia OutDry that is pretty much a lightweight shell and keeps EVERYTHING out. I will usually roll out the Sunice goretex for regular rain, but if the Pacific wants to knock me over, it don't want to worry about hats or anything. Go out there and grind. It's the best.
  9. Bumping to the top. Also headed to HHI in the winter. Harbortown and RTJ are on the list, but need suggestions for another solid choice. Public or private.
  10. Agree on all points here too. I'm still not sure how I rank them against each other, but will want to test a bit further.
  11. Should be good. I've been in Jan a few times and have usually been able to get em all in no issue. Once you finish your first round, head into the shop and see if they can get you out right away. It's a good bet you can hop on at like 12:40 and you're good to go. I've had a ton of success wiggling schedules around on the fly once you get there. They're awesome at managing their tee sheets and want to hook you up. YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE IT
  12. Yeah. Agree for the most part. We all want to play it! Worth a try, and I've had some good luck with "just asking nicely." Takes some work!
  13. I'm sure the answer is no. The few people I know that have been said they'll do very limited guest play with the handwritten letter or a pro in the know. Member invite is obviously the best bet, but there's a million people that want that hookup. Would be curious to see some thoughts from those that have been there.
  14. If you can't get the TP, the DI and the IZ will be closer in feel and flight. The XC is a good shaft, but definitely the outlier in this group. But if you're only upgrading from Titleist to Titleist, just swap em out.
  15. I have both of those shafts sitting around that I'd want to toss in a FW. Both would need too much prep and build work for me to do and I'm too lazy. I'd want them in a Mavrik or Epic Speed head, so they're not super interchangeable with adapters... Plus, tipping them up would make them kind of unusable in a driver for me if those experiments didn't work out. Decisions!
  16. I was worried about that too. Would have been so sad to see an injured Miura!
  17. Graf Blue NV Raw Tensei OG Diamanas AD DI Those hit the nostalgia button pretty hard and look cool if you ask me!
  18. My best experience in 20 years of golf was St. Andrews. Didn't have a tee time, showed up at the starter's hut (before the building was there) before everyone else and had the entire 1st/18th fairways and a sky full of stars to myself for 2 hours. It was cold, uncomfortable, and quiet but also amazing. I say give StA a go, work the ballot every day and get in line early. It's worth it. BTW, the starter got there at about 730am and I was on the course by 1030am (Oct 2013)
  19. Hard to say. I have an XC but didn't go numbers vs numbers with these two. XC will probably end up a bit lower in both spin & launch than the UB. XC had much more contrast in feel - softer in the hands and tip stiff. I hit some crazy long, low spinners with it, but never really dialed it in for every day use. UB has that same tip stiff feel but a bit more of a "full" firm all around if that makes sense. I like the UB better than the XC.
  20. I've had my 6X UB out for a bit now and it's a good one. AD TP is my gamer but I've played most of the lineup the last few years. The UB feels pretty stout to me and definitely stiff in the tip (heh). It's noticeably firmer in the hands compared to the XC, which I felt a was really soft. Both will kick pretty good at the end. It's giving me slightly lower launch and spin than the TP or the DI, and that should make it a real contender for me in '22. I've hit some really long ones with it too. I will say it's probably among the least pleasing feeling GD shafts, but that's relative considering how good most of the line feels...
  21. You know what? I do need to walk that one back. It came off too snarky. While I've never lived in WI, I've always enjoyed visiting and passing through, but I should have phrased it more around how good SV is and how it's such a major draw to pull in golfers from all over.
  22. I'm very skeptical and grumpy about the whole "private course" situation. Like... why? I love SV. Have been going there since it was 9 holes and an active construction site with only a trailer. But those courses are the only reason to be within two hours of there. With the Keisers being such advocates for public golf, and then to build THE LIDO and have to tell all those resort golfers "oh, you can't play this one unless you know XXX or give us $$$" just hits me wrong. But we'll see.
  23. @Peoples Golf emailed a message about a driver shaft. Thanks!
  24. Check out Greywalls in Marquette, MI. Friggin roller coaster and absurdly fun.
  25. Both my trips were in January. I don't recall a round going longer than 4 hours at all. Sheep was packed and I imagine it will be for you too. Question - are you playing a round before? Start calling the week ahead or even when you get to the resort. They've always been AWESOME at wiggling around my tee times, even last minute. I'm not sure when the last guaranteed tee time is then (and I know they build in like 5 hours in between tee times if you plan for 36), but if you're sitting around in the middle of the day, I'd bet they can fit your twosome out there.
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