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  1. Very fake. Looks like it came from here : https://www.dhgate.com/product/new-top-quality-black-t-use-only-golf-putter/539031006.html
  2. Never heard of a del mar 2.5 and the 2016 holiday putter wasn't a del mar. You sure that's authentic?
  3. Most of the SkyCaddie watches have Bluetooth and can sync with the SkyGolf 360 app if you have a android or iPhone. If you bought the model without Bluetooth, you could see about using a friends computer.
  4. I was seeing constant redirects to the same site tonight. Ended up having to install an ad blocker to make the site usable.
  5. I'm having the same issue on both the mobile and full site on an iPhone 5 with safari. I attached a few screenshots. [attachment=2373931:IMG_1457.PNG] [attachment=2373935:IMG_1467.PNG][attachment=2373939:IMG_1468.PNG][attachment=2373943:IMG_1469.PNG][attachment=2373949:IMG_1479.PNG][attachment=2373965:IMG_1482.PNG][attachment=2373967:IMG_1483.PNG]
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