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  1. Well, it's been just over a year since I last replied to this thread and oh my have things changed, huh? Seemed for some time that prices in golf communities were falling with all the talk of golfers leaving the game. Covid sure has changed that equation. I know properties in Hilton Head are selling briskly and prices seem to be moving up. Working remote combined with leaving expensive (and cold) cities up north suddenly seems to be a winning combination. The question is will these changes "take" in the long term? I think they might. This pandemic has helped to change/sh
  2. HackerDave

    CBX to ?

    I went from the 56* CBX to 52* and 58* RTX 4 and could not be happier. They are just exceptional wedges. Before the year with the CBX, I was a Vokey guy for 20+ years.
  3. I wouldn't overlook the Uneekor EYE XO. Mounts to ceiling and works for both left and right handed golfers. Spend the extra money on software, a laser projector and bling out the room.
  4. Could be wrong, but I believe that Belfair also has some non-owner memberships. I know BH offers a national membership as I looked into it. I LOVE the courses at Belfair. I could see myself living in either BH, Belfair or CR. https://www.belfair1811.com/discover-belfair/interested-in-npo-membership
  5. We have owned a condo in Hilton Head (Palmetto Dunes) for about 25 years. Some of the posts above leave me scratching my head. The first question you have to ask is if you want to rent it out when you are not there. Oceanfront is expensive (as it is anywhere) but very doable if you plan to rent it out. POA fees and property taxes are outrageous. Non-residents don't get to vote. Who do you think pays the highest prop taxes? Weekly rentals are pretty common on the island. Somebody above said they couldn't find a unit that allows rentals and I had to shake my head. I t
  6. Just got back from playing both Wed and Thursday. Second time playing the South and I have to say I like it. Greens are tough. I was stunned to see the rating of 125. Seriously? Sure, the fairways are huge and its nearly impossible to lose a ball but the greens are VERY difficult and if you are off on your approach, you are punished. Talked to one of the Arcadia folks and they are in fact re-routing 12 and building a new green. I have a feeling they are experiencing some erosion and the 12th green might be in danger.
  7. What's going on with 12. Looks like they knocked down some of the humps so you can actually see the fairway. There is so much room on the left that you could never see.
  8. Heading to Arcadia on Wed. Can't wait. It is by far my favorite course in the state. I really can't explain it, but the vibe there makes me happy. Playing both courses.
  9. To the OP, let us know where you are flying into and out and we can give you some suggestions. Its a big state with a lot of craft breweries and great golf.
  10. The Sea Pines deal is probably the best option. We like Oyster Reef but I would play Atlantic Dunes instead every time. The course are Palmetto Hall are nice but amenities are....well, there aren't any. At least not this year (pandemic and all). I think you would be happy with any of these five.
  11. Currently pools are closed. It was kind of silly because there aren't that many people here. I imagine it would be a bigger concern come June and July. Where are you staying? If its within the gates of the private communities (Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes, Shipyard etc you will have beach access. If you are outside the gates, access is still possible but trickier as parking is limited. There is nobody checking at the access points. Rent bikes and problem solved. Just remember to ride out against the wind and come back with the wind at your back. Kids don't care about shopping. Th
  12. Best I can tell, they have lifted home or work, short term rentals and have opened up outdoor dining all starting on Monday. Not sure if public beaches are open to non-residents yet. Private beaches never closed (despite the efforts of the mayor).
  13. I'm here now (since early feb). As stated, all dining is closed. Carry out only. Some of the retail is open but its hit and miss. Golf is open but no drinks after the round etc. Some still have a half way house open or a bar cart, but some have nothing. Beach is open if you are in a private community i.e. Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes etc. If you are not in a private community, the beaches are currently closed. You can get to them, but there will be no place to park. Only island residents with a beach vehicle pass can park in any of the public lots. Currently the tennis facilities a
  14. Palmetto Dunes is aerating this week and next. They are doing Fazio this week and Jones next week. Hills is in there somewhere. The dates are on the PD website. Since most things are shut down here (golf is still open but they are staggering course closings), I suggest you call because they seem to be moving the dates up in preparation for things opening up.
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