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  1. The reality is, on a public golf course, in 2021, in any reasonably populated area, this will never be an option (certainly not playing as a single or twosome) so the original question is a complete waste of time. You also made a post saying sometimes you need to go out with a buddy and have a long private chat or play by yourself to clear your head for 4.5 hours. As much as you might want it to be the case, a public golf course is not the place to reasonably expect to be able do either of these things.
  2. Less than 3 inches of rain in Monterey county this year. Rain gear is the last thing you should pack.
  3. I have no experience with the AD but the RDX Blue and AV White are completely different animals. The Blue has a super soft middle and a pronounced kick at impact and the White is “one piece” / boardy. You probably prefer one feel or the other.
  4. Completely unnecessary. Sim Ti Rocket more versatile off the deck and I assume no real difference in distance.
  5. I played the course Saturday. The greens rolled about the same as an average muni. I have played the course dozens of times and don’t mind playing it at the end of aeration because it’s half price ($175) The course is certainly less challenging on slow greens but the architecture is the same. JFYI most courses are not renting clubs due to COVID.
  6. Not a Cink fan but -19 is golfing your ball. And he did it playing those i210 shovels and G425 Max, not even the LST.
  7. Is he playing P790s? I thought it was impossible to hit one of those unexpected low spin missiles with blades…
  8. I am testing these two in G425 Max both in 60g Stiff. RDX was new with G425, was playing Ventus in G410. First, the Ventus performs really well for me. I increased fairway % hit by 10% since I’ve had it. Whatever it is, works for me. In the new head, vs. Ventus, the RDX Blue has a much more pronounced kick, presumably from the very soft mid. If you like that feel, you will love the RDX. The RDX does feel a bit softer overall, the Ventus more stable. I very rarely overcook the Ventus (especially when I am playing vs. bashing drivers on the range) and I can get certain swings to go too far left with the RDX. Ventus is on average about 2-4 yards longer according to swing speed radar. I also tested against CK Orange and XTortion Copper but RDX and Ventus clearly better than those for me. I could easily play the RDX, and consider it an improvement over the Orange and the Copper, but I already have the Ventus, and it performs just a bit better for me. With Ping, RDX is $80 upcharge, Ventus is $230 (appx) so that might be worth thinking about if you’re ordering. I also think the RDX would be great in 3W, hitting the center of a Sim Ti and feeling that kick could be addictive. May try this direction if these driver results hold up after a few more sessions / rounds.
  9. Ordered G425 Max with RDX Blue on Feb 15. Arrived yesterday. 5 weeks.
  10. You’re hitting your 5i within 4 yds of the PGA Tour average distance, and something is happening with these GI irons to get the effect of 10mph more club head speed and 1000rpm less spin. Not sure how this is possible…
  11. You’re going to get your WRX card revoked with statements like this
  12. I have the 54 with MMT. It may be fresh grooves but it spins like crazy on full shots, way more than my Vokey TVD. This may or may not be what you want but if you can’t spin this wedge back you need to check your technique.
  13. WRX be like “why isn’t he playing blueprints wayyy toooo much offset and can’t stand THICKKKKKK top line on those i210s”
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