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  1. Scotty Cameron Tour Hollywood Prototype Putter 34" - cT shaft band - Purple Custom Shop Pistolero Grip Includes 21012 Hula Girl Headcover
  2. Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Forged Irons 3 - PW Project X 5.5 shafts Golf Pride jumbo 2G grips Std L/L/L $500 no trades
  3. [quote name='toddba11' timestamp='1392317616' post='8660823'] [b]"Headcover not included but will be will packaged"[/b] Is the headcover included, just packaged separately? [/quote] Pictured headcover is not included but will make sure it is well protected in box for shipping Will find an OTR headcover to put on it.
  4. [quote name='greystreet11' timestamp='1388975480' post='8405669'] Are the 5.5 steel? Thanks [/quote] Steel [url="http://www.pxshaft.com/pxi.asp"]http://www.pxshaft.com/pxi.asp[/url]
  5. Tell us what shaft it is and then measure from the butt end or tip end to a known point like where the graphics start. Someone here is bound to have the same shaft and can tell you what the measurement should be from those two known points. That would tell you whether it has been tipped or butt trimmed.
  6. Footjoy deals at Carlsgolfland M Projects for $69 and other deals [url="http://www.carlsgolfland.com/shop/footjoy-golf-shoes-closeouts/"]http://www.carlsgolfland.com/shop/footjoy-golf-shoes-closeouts/[/url]
  7. Assuming the recoils are much lighter than your steel shafts, you will probably need tip weights to put them back to the same swingweight. Also when taking off the heads you mentioned "[color=#282828]Can I just heat the head over my stove and then twist and pull?"[/color] [color="#282828"]Heat the hosel not the entire head! [/color] [color="#282828"]Depending on the irons you have, you could melt all the decorative badging in the cavity etc...[/color]
  8. last time I checked, my entrie bag was worth at least more 250 x more than a hammer. If I could spend $20 on my clubs I guess I wouldn't care what they looked like either!
  9. [quote name='[email protected]' timestamp='1385408910' post='8205426'] Hello all, I currently have project x 7.0 shaft installed with my Callaway Diablo 8.5 degree driver, and its pretty decent but feels a little light. Not sure of the weight of the shaft, (does anyone know that?) but would love to hear some recommendations for a heavier shaft. thank you [/quote] I believe that's 69g
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