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  1. People make a big deal about tour pros putting. And no doubt they are amazing putters. However... My perspective for discussion is that pros play these courses whenever they want, have several days at each course to practice, and generally know the likely pin positions. Between them and their caddies, they practice every possible putt severall times prior to tourney tee off. In the recent made for TV Big Cedar Lodge infomercial charity event, multiple FedEx cup winners were in disagreement about breaks, even direction, presumably because this was a brand new course
  2. 45/37 yesterday, with a double on back nine when ball spun backward off green into water. And missed 3ft birdie putt.
  3. I received my card also and ordered a custom spec Odyssey putter. Great seller and everything went perfect with the $ code. Thanks!
  4. The only area where there is some fuzziness in casual play with our group is the ball hit OB or lost. For pace of play reasons we dropped a ball in the rough at the nearest point possible and took 1 stroke. Same with lost ball. I would say the new lost ball rule is unrealistically harsh when the entire group saw the ball go into an area where it should be playable and findable, and would be if we spent the full 5 minutes looking for it. Again, pace of play is deemed more important than looking for 5 mins. During Tourney or Betting rounds, of course we will play a provi
  5. Ordered 1 G410 U Wedge in power spec otherwise standard on July 1. Still waiting, no update.
  6. What I do- Treat each 9 as a separate entity. Mentally shift to skins mentality, even if only in your head. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. Mentally turn the round into a practice/learning round and forget about adding the score (until putting into GHIN)
  7. In regards to point 3, absolutely! My 200 yd club is a 3 hybrid, 185 a 4 hybrid, and 175 either a 5i or choked up 4 hybrid depending on situation. Those yardages off turf. I ditched my 3W...too many bad shots in relation to hero shots. Might try a 4W. Unfortunately, my putting will always keep me from scratch. I miss too many birdie opps and have 3-4 3 putts per round.
  8. I had several AHA moment today when I decided to look into the WITB for LPGA players. Now like most golf enthusiasts, I want to know what the top PGA players are using. Mostly out of curiosity. However, with my own Driver swing speed of 95MPH it doesn't really add a lot of value to my own game. The AHA moment came when I decided to look up average swing speeds/distances on the LPGA tour. Lo and behold, 94mph! And when I looked at average distances with each club for an LPGA player they are close to mine. So a few AHA moments came from this: 1) Stop beating myself up over my distances vs s
  9. Yeah I am stoked so far. Plus.
  10. Exact combo I just got. First time in play was Sunday no range time, 12 of 14 fairways and a few guided missiles. The 2 misses were just barely. I'm not a guy who has to match everything, but only my 52/58 wedges are not G410 right now. As a poster said above, the stuff just works.
  11. I have swing speed/shape similar to you and was fitted with the Tour 65 due to better spin numbers. YMMV The good news is used shafts with G410 adapters are relatively cheap and plentiful. No reason you can't AB them over time and flip the ones that don't work.
  12. Brooks fires the PED shot
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