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  1. 1. That sound at impact usually with irons but with the driver too. 2. Also usually has the move in his swing where he starts his lower body before ending his backswing.
  2. Thanks sir! I have a Reg. flex shaft in it now. Want to put the old Stiff flex in to see if it will bring the flight down. That will save me from changing out the adapter.
  3. Will a stock SLDR shaft with original adapter work in a SIM 2 head. It fits and looks a slightly different than the new adapter but, will it damage the new head? Taylor Made experts chime in please.
  4. This, Mizunos are flat compared to other brands typically.
  5. What I find interesting is that JT will be in Ralf Lauren gear again. Would love to hear the comments from the upper esch at Polo… By the way, Let’s Go Europe!
  6. Yeah, it’s getting absurd but supply and demand. Capitalism is alive and well, until politics steps in. Personally, I’ll be still buying what I want to. Try tinkering with shafts, instead of replacing heads and shafts each year.
  7. I agree with walking ahead to your ball for pace of play. Unless you are directly in my ball flight path it doesn’t bother me. As for the pros, as someone said earlier, the crowd/gallery stands way closer than Brooks was standing.
  8. Stricker should pair himself with Brooksie… Lots of tears would be shed by these two.
  9. I don’t mind his commentary. Zinger>Faldo
  10. Stepping on a clubhead to pick it up on a green is a rookie move. Laying wedges on the green is okay. But what makes me cringe are guys that let the flag slam down on the green.
  11. I like him, but wouldn’t be sad if I never heard the word “legislate” in golf commentary.
  12. Hey Mr. Monte, Just revisited this topic. Great info and much needed to jog my memory. Need to work on practicing and then using 2 more clubs on the course. Just a comment, have used more club and swinging shorter and damn, my shot goes even farther than a full swing with that club! It’s amazing what happens when you hit the sweet spot and you get your body sequencing on. Well, off to the range. Thanks for another great thread!
  13. Some days yes and some days no. I’m a 6.8 and my home course is rating/slope 71.5/141. My course is tough and as you can see from my stats my GIR % puts alot of pressure on my putting. My stats for the last 100 rounds (2021): 62% fairways hit 33% GIR 31 putts/rd average
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