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  1. 2/25? Will the rest say x/1000? Glad to see a real life picture.
  2. You need this shot. It's becoming my go-to shot. The key, and it blew my mind, was to aim to hit the ground 1/2 inch behind the ball. Try it, it works.
  3. I just bought a pair of Vans Ultrarange today that have a vinyl material instead of mesh, I didn't buy them for golf but I'll certainly give them a try when it's dry on the course. Vans is now making a whole lineup of shoes (MTE) that could actually be great for wet golf or winter golf. For the price they might be worth a try as comparable golf-specific shoes would cost a lot more. https://www.vans.com/shop/mte-designed-for-the-elements/destruct-mid-mte-1-dress-blues-black https://www.vans.com/shop/mte-designed-for-the-elements/sk8-hi-mte-2-black-black
  4. The G425 Crossover 2 iron is an amazing club, don't expect to be able to play stingers - it's a high launch club off the tee for a 2 iron. However, I also bought it to play in the wind and it is very playable. My percentage of FW hit when teeing off with it was very high. No longer in the bag, but I keep it around because it's a great club, and I do play the 4i version as a 4i replacement for forgiveness.
  5. I know a guy who was a competitive player, and his handicap is dropping quickly. He went the full Bryson route with one length irons and jumbo grips which feel similar to what he's used to with a tennis racket grip size. There are certain similarities in the games despite being completely different!
  6. I hope they come to MyJoys. I will def buy some if I can build out 12.5s
  7. I'll have you guys know you almost got me. I had one in my cart and even started filling out the address information but when it came to enter the credit card I snapped to my senses, lol! If I hadn't just bought my first $600 putter (which is over the price point that makes me a bit queasy) I would have pulled the trigger. Maybe the first in-hand pics and reviews will convince me. The fantasy of making everything I look at is strong. Congrats to those with one on order, I hope you get them soon!
  8. Really, really nice. How is the feel off the smooth face?
  9. They've been out for a little bit... I absolutely love the look... and would have bought some immediately. Unfortunately FJ 12s are too small for me and the 13s I bought in the other Traditions style are too big. They're OK for cart golf but not great for walking. I am a 12.5 which means my only options for Footjoy are MyJoys because they skip from 12 to 13 for regular release shoes. It's a shame because I would buy a lot more from them if I could find some that fit.
  10. Mine is arriving Monday. I can post a review. Usual carry is Jones Players. All my stuff is black and red so I had to give the Camino a try.
  11. @labgolf That pic alone will probably sell a few thousand more of these putters! I'm certainly interested in trying one out if I can see one in a store. What is the source of the name MEZZ?
  12. The turf interaction with these is definitely going to be different than your blades. I actually bought a set of Cobra blades to try for a while because the i210s really don't take a divot in normal conditions on a perfect strike, just disrupt the grass. It's a bit unusual for me as I expect to cut out a divot, and for a while it was getting in my head and I started hitting everything thin because the interaction of the club head with the turf just wasn't what I felt it should feel like. I've gone back and forth between the pings because they're just so forgiving and the blades because I prefer how they go through the ground.
  13. Update for you OP. I have the 3 wood set in the "HIGH" setting and I added a 25gr counterweight to the butt of the Ventus shaft. It's money now. Swung it several times in my round today and every strike was great, long and straight!
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