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  1. Honeymoon isn't over yet with the Tyne 4... My only complaint is the headcover. It just doesn't fit very well and the top toe corner of my putter already picked up a couple of dings - and I carry a sunday bag, so things aren't jostling around at all, just packed in together. Speed control, swing weight and feel of this putter is awesome. I had my first round without a 3-putt in ages yesterday which is HUGE for me... and the crappy greens I play on.
  2. Well, consider my mind blown. Pretty interesting to see the EXACT shape of the C-groove face with zero modifications milled right into a snazzy Bettinardi putter. My first ever putter I bought to try to improve my game (above and beyond the one that came in my Walmart box set) was a Yes! so I have a little bit of nostalgia around it.
  3. Kinda gross looking but what the heck, I like free stuff when I get it, IN!
  4. Isn't the Yes! face patented? What's the scoop with Bettinardi using their exact C-groove face?
  5. I traveled to play a scramble tournament and because I didn't sign up with a foursome I got paired with another single so our little "team" was the odd men out. It sucked because we had to sit around waiting the whole time, and we each played 2 balls and played the best out of the 4, same as if we had a foursome. I recall pumping a nice drive into the fairway on a par 5 that we used, and my playing partner couldn't get there in 2, but I had a great yardage for a 3 iron over water onto the green from a slight sidehill lie. The ball went up and drew, flying right over the flagstick and stayed
  6. My older friend Gene that I used to play with when I played and practiced every single day. He worked for himself as a logger, and once or twice he would take a contract to log an area of land. He'd get paid $40-50k or whatever, hire a couple of guys, and go clear out the land. Then take the next 6 or 9 months off and just play golf and poker at the clubhouse. He had been a brawny guy in his youth and had been in a Rainier Beer commercial back in the 1970s, but had quit drinking except for the occasional non-alcoholic beer with lunch. He lived with a lady who had health problems for about
  7. Go with socks in a color matching or close to the color of the shoes. I like socks that are in between ankle and no-show. I want to see a bit of sock because that way I know they're not going to slip down inside my shoes and have to mess with them every other hole. Meanwhile, I hate the look of an ankle sock, that straight line around the ankle looks terrible.
  8. Whenever my putting starts to suck I go back to my Titleist "SC" Standard bullseye. That thing is old faithful but over time I get better results from new tech - the old lack of tech just resets my putting game.
  9. Brendan seems like a lot nicer guy than some of the people in this thread, that's for sure.
  10. I almost wonder if Olson got your order mixed up with another one and sent the wrong package. If the communication was there at all you'd be able to get this figured out. Personally I'd consider doing a chargeback with my credit card company and let him explain himself to them.
  11. Laying up will cost you half a stroke on average. https://shotscope.com/blog/stats/par-5-go-for-it-in-2-vs-a-lay-up/
  12. Really? You can't believe a billionaire might have low ethical standards?
  13. You could contact PING, or you could swing by the local hardware store and find something that will fit, either a pin or a bolt/nut... Honestly that would by my solution because you'll be able to find something that works today, instead of waiting ages on PING to send you something that might fall out again in a few months.
  14. Excellent post! My game has always pretty much been "aim down the center of the fairway and give the most room for the two way miss" and "hit the shot that goes the same distance as the flag towards the middle of the green". That's basically it, and I know there's so much more mental chess that the really good players do. Not just the good swingers of the club, but the actual good PLAYERS of the game. I've been thinking lately how much work I need to put into course management and managing misses for the best results. The post above is great motivation.
  15. Oh my god. Hide the Pain Harold is a golfer!
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