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  1. Wow. I'm not a Cameron guy at all but that is simply stunning. Great collectible.
  2. @WanLefty updates? Just came across this thread, beautiful work!
  3. Anyone try these out? They are on sale for black Friday, I have tried them on and they have a firm but comfortable feel inside the shoe. I think these will be my next pair of spiked shoes.
  4. Best ball of 2021, left dot ProV1. Honestly the TP5x Pix is the ball I played most this year, great ball.
  5. Any comments on the feel of a B.2 with flat face vs. the milled groove section?
  6. Love the RTX Full Face. I might bend mine to 59* for an extra degree of bounce, but I love the way it looks and plays as is. I bought it because I didn't want to wait for the Jaws to hit stores.
  7. New bag, black Friday deal was irresistible
  8. The stock headcover sucks, period. Watch out for dings on the toe corner where the headcover doesn't protect it. I'd recommend getting a better one ASAP if your goal is to keep the putter looking nice.
  9. The balls are limited flight but still very fun.
  10. I thought my Scratch 4 iron might like a 3 iron buddy, so I bought my first Miura on the bay...
  11. The before/afters of the Scratch AR-1s have pretty much convinced me to send mine to him. Would love to have the numbers welded in and lofts stamped while they're getting redone.
  12. What graphite shaft is currently in the club? The 105 will be 20ish grams heavier than the graphite shaft options, depending. You can always counterbalance a little with a shaft butt weight. The G425 Crossover is a great club btw, I'm always singing their praises. I have a 2i and 4i that rotate through the bag.
  13. I'm just glad the website is back up with information. Any scoop on the lawsuit? I'm curious to know more about the behind the scenes drama.
  14. @texas_golfer Any updates on this? Did you sell the set? Every time I see a nice single iron on ebay I'm tempted to do this exact thing... There are soooo many good irons that I want to try.
  15. Sun Mountain 4.5 does the trick. I have one that's around 8-10 years old that I use on a push cart and could easily walk 18 with it. A little heavy but a great bag, great in its niche.
  16. Anyone get any? I feel shafted. I signed up for the US Open Victory Club so I'd get early access and was logged in and waiting on my phone browser 30 minutes ahead of time, joined the queue immediately, waited for 40 minutes and zero available. What a complete disgrace. The everyman can't buy tickets to anything anymore because of bots. I don't want to buy from a reseller at a markup later on.
  17. 2nd round walking in them yesterday on a very hilly course, they definitely take some time to break in. By the end of the round my dogs were barking for sure and I wished I had worn my Asics gel-course shoes, but the Traditions definitely look cool. For now they will be cart and practice shoes until they break in a bit more. Next pair of classic styled shoes will be Gallivanters...
  18. I played an iWi D66 for quite some time, still have it in the bag room with a Garsen grip on it. Hope you get it rolling the way you want!
  19. You sure about that? Selecting 5-PW comes out to 132,000 yen which is $1154 USD at today's rate. I think you're looking at the price per club, not per set.
  20. BB series looks beautiful. Nice work Bob.
  21. Yes it is! Quick pic with warm lighting, will have to take some outside. It looks sooooo good. Like jewelry. I was looking at the copper but they didn't have the loft/bounce I wanted at the moment.
  22. Currently 48*PW, 54* SW, 58* LW. I'm going to bend the LW to 59*. I have played a couple of sets this year with 45* or 46* PW and 50* GW. I really like the GW at that loft but honestly, it's just a renamed classic lofted PW.
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