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  1. Phil warming up with a Power Hitter driver and DST Compressor iron. Never seen that one before, so I had to google "practice club with curved shaft" to find out what it is. Interesting
  2. The first pair of Nobull trainers that I ordered was a half size too big and I didn't have any problems exchanging them for a smaller size, so my experience with the customer service is good. Having used a few different pairs of Reebok Nanos I much prefer the Nobulls, they are much lighter than the Nano 9s I bought at the same time for one example, and the arch support just fits my foot perfectly. The Nobulls became my everyday sneaker. Agreed that the market is pretty full for the casual spikeless shoe, and these will likely be on the expensive side.
  3. When I started teeing the ball up about 1" off the ground instead of 2-3" I started hitting better drives. Sure, you lose a little distance and your numbers aren't ideal, but I'd rather be in the general vicinity of the fairway instead of some of the curves that are possible when trying for that high launch low spin bomb.
  4. I purchased a dozen on a whim and I really like them. I like how soft they feel off the driver and they seemed to perform well for me in all aspects of my game. Would game them over Pro V1.
  5. I went to check on the tracking for a pair of Nobull trainers I ordered recently and saw an email advertising a new line of golf shoes. Nobull is a slightly niche shoe company targeting the Crossfit crowd and they're the most comfortable pair of shoes I've ever had, so I'll be interested in their golf shoes when they come out. https://www.nobullproject.com/collections/golf?page=1
  6. I used to use them exclusively as well. My hands sweat and I really like how they perform. Agreed that I wish they sold them as a single.
  7. https://www.worldwidegolfshops.com/tour-x-mens-deluxe-leathersynthetic-gloves-10118747/p?skuId In black... $7 each... they last forever. They feel great. They slip on and off very easily due to the synthetic material on the back. For me they're just perfect.
  8. Greetings all, I haven't had any chance to get on a launch monitor or swing speed radar so I don't know my SS. I would say my drives are 265ish (real world, not GolfWRX inflated numbers). On downwind holes I can get out 300. I have been playing 10 year old drivers until recently when I impulse bought a TEE C721 with an X-stiff shaft in hopes of gaining some new-tech distance and better dispersion (without getting fit). I didn't gain any magic new tech distance but I can go harder with this shaft without losing it left so that's nice. Preferred shot is a controlled cut with driver.
  9. San Francisco, CA Hcap 3.2 Presidio Golf Course I'd love to see how this could help me read greens and make smarter decisions for approach shots. Yes
  10. The grossest thing is his lawyer's statement in defense is "it was a long time ago and he didn't hurt them that badly."
  11. I hesitated to answer this before because I don't have Premieres but my answer to all sock questions is Stance. Check out their athletic tab socks, they are just the right height for all low cut shoes and they don't slip down. They have really nice patterns of elastic and cushioning and I just can't say enough good things about them.
  12. White Horse, The Home Course. Of course there's Chambers Bay. Cedars at Dungeness and Sky Ridge are across from each other and couldn't be more different (one an 18 hole tree-lined course, one a 9-hole links-style built on former farmland) that could make for good content. Not many venture out to the Olympic Peninsula for golf, but there are some fun little courses such as those mentioned above and my former home course Peninsula Golf Club.
  13. I really can't nail down if this is all true stories or some clever satire that I'm not deep enough in the tour world to get.
  14. Any plans to move forward with 3D printed metal a la National Custom Works?
  15. I just use a tee these days, I've always got one in my pocket and it works as well as anything I've had in the past.
  16. "John Daly" Walmart special from my first boxed set TM huge draw biased Burner Adams 9015D 9* Cobra L4V with a 44" X-flex shaft, stupid experiment Titleist 910 D2 10.5* had the most bag time Cobra ZL 9*, playing at 46", bought it for a backup bag and actually played it quite a bit Finally got into the 2020s equipment with the TEE C721
  17. I was really close to going all PING. Problem is my TEE strong 3-wood isn't going anywhere soon, and I've needed to update my driver for a long time, but couldn't justify a crazy high price for a new driver. So the new TEE C721 driver fit the bill. So I've got two TEE clubs filling the longest spots in my bag and it's all PING from there.
  18. Ok. I got it set to the O- setting and got a wave of confidence. Busting some great drives with the C721 now. I'm not 100% that the X-stiff shaft I chose isn't too much, but I am gaining confidence that I can put a hard swing on it without losing it left. I haven't hit any drives that are well past my historical great drives, but on this setting I am now hitting a great looking launch and nice direction with mishits turning out extremely well. I am pretty loyal to drivers so I plan on giving this one a nice long workout.
  19. I went back to left hand low and holy smokes guys. I finally found something with my putting!!! This is a huge deal for me. Suddenly I can see the line and I'm rolling the ball on line and with perfect speed every time. What a relief. I am finding outstanding speed control with the insert on this one. I think it's definitely a personal preference. For me I just don't have to think about it, just use my instincts and relax. Bumpy greens and misreads mean I'm not making everything, but I haven't had a 3-putt in several rounds where I used to have at least 2, usually more.
  20. I honestly thought it was just a play on the leftiness. I guess it doesn't make a lot of sense to have a set of backwards letter stamps made up.
  21. I frequently play 18 holes in 2:20. Tee off at 4pm, nobody in front of me. I can often get in more than 18 if I feel like it. I carry a Sunday bag with all 14 clubs. I've never understood the appeal of dew sweeping - playing just before sunset is 100% my happy place!
  22. Saw this in the lefty thread, looks like Byron Morgan has a head and could do whatever neck.
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