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  1. I agree that it is great for warming up. Caveat however: my swing has been very flat and the whip does nothing but exacerbate that.
  2. True, but I'm still rolling my Machine 10 years later and I don't see myself doing that with any other club tbh.
  3. I've been using the putt out for about 2 months now straight. Not done until I've made 10 from different locations within 6 ft. I don't have room for a larger mat that my wife will allow lol. The mat has alignment marks so you know your keeping it on-line and those that have used the trainer know how fickle it can be about angle and pace. I can knock out the 10 in under 10 minutes at this point, big part for me is maintaining a routine like I do on course while practicing.
  4. Titleist D and 4w Taylormade Hy and Driving Iron Sub 70 Irons Callaway Wedges Machine Putter And I'll throw in Snell for the ball
  5. And there may or may not have been a path involved right?
  6. I've noticed while working on speed that I can't cheat and try to get handsy to compensate, I'm sure the same would follow for whichever area a person is struggling with. TigerInTheWoods nailed it.
  7. What is your current club path like now with your new grip?
  8. Nike t60 9w with a s300 shaft. Heck I was fresh out of school and Tiger played a t60 didn't he?(Granted not a 9w lol) It actually clawed its way back into the bag this year as my swing has decided to explore free agency and leave me with nothing. The whole t60 line was pretty darn good, and that 9w is a great long iron/hybrid alternative. I have a steel shafted sq 4w as well, many good memories with that stick.
  9. I appreciate you sharing DW, I'm suprised you parted with your secret so easily.
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