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  1. As far as fixing, I'd examine where you're holding the club in your hands. YMMV, but I find pressure from my index fingers to be a sign I'm strangling the club with my grip.
  2. I've been using the Taylormade Tour Response lately, similar ss to yours. I'm a fairly high spin player so losing a few hundred rpm's backspin is ok. The ball launches very easily and I've added carry distance on every club except maybe driver due to better launch/spin conditions. I still can get the drop, one hop, stop with this ball I'm used to seeing with any other urethane ball as well.
  3. I'm not comfortable with a full 58 degree, and yes I need to practice it, so I avoid that range usually. I tend to aim to around 120-90 yards from the green and rely on a drop and stop shot from that range when possible.
  4. I went from Titleist to Sub70, no regrets. They flat out perform, went from ap1 to 699pro and honestly the 699pro are more forgiving imo. Distance is similar but much more consistent.
  5. Poults, then probably Sergio out of those who are playing. This sums up all of Reed to me.
  6. I've had the 699 pro irons in the bag this year. I've really enjoyed them, the feeling when flushed is great and for me they offer enough forgiveness and feedback. From everything I had read the big difference in the pro/regular 699 was the offset, so hopefully this helps. I'm around a 15hcp right now for reference, irons being one of my stronger parts of the game.
  7. Spin and club length will both play into gaps in distance. At lower lofts you'll get more yards per degree, as you get to higher lofts you'll find less. 1 degree on 4iron might give you 5 yards longer while weakening the 5iron might lose you 4 yard. You just went from a 10-12 yard gap to a 21 yard gap. That's why I recommend tweaking by distance, not by loft.
  8. You're making gaps that don't currently exist. You'll hit 4 further ideally, but 5 shorter. This will continue until you get to your 8iron. I'd look at your distances not lifts to do your tweaking.
  9. TS2 is point and shoot for me, have both the 4w and 7w mishits even perform well.
  10. I've kept the same putter since I ordered it a decade ago. I went through a thorough process of fitting and customizing my cooper M1A machine putter, and it was the first of it's kind and is stamped as such. I doubt I'll change anytime soon and most likely wouldn't sell it unless the offer was outrageous. Every other club I've had has been replaced over those years, so I think it's sentiment and solid performance keeping it in place.
  11. 975j and 905r were both great and I think the 905r could still hang with the best of them.
  12. How reliable is that shot over 225 yards? Unless the course you regularly play warrants it and it's a shot you can reliably hit, I'd stick with what you have.
  13. Toss up right now between: M1A Machine Converter Putter - Has been solid since I ordered it 9 years ago. I try not to cheat on it, and it's been good to me. Gapr lo 3i/hy - Stock stiff kbs shaft. Cranked open as far as it'll go and goes straight to a baby fade everytime. Been great off the tee in a year when driver is everywhere for me.
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