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  1. This is one of the better explanations I've heard for a clicky ball. I think of clicky being more of the back of a fingernail on a plastic container noise if that makes any sense.
  2. 1. Did you fill out the survey? Yes 2. How can the ESB1 help your game? Distance gapping and winter practice 3. Do you currently own a launch monitor? Does a prgr count? If not no
  3. Mine is an enigma to me. Finally after the season here I ordered a 699u from sub70, no more loft roulette with irons at least lol.
  4. As someone who worked back from a frozen shoulder from a old tear, I couldn't agree more. Your body will try to find a goofy way to swing to avoid pain and you'll end up with a disaster if you rush back into it. Work on putting and little chips until you get the go ahead.
  5. Curious to try this vs the dot next season provided they're both readily available. As a high spin player off all clubs it's great to have these options showing up more. The original as said above was good, but going through a sleeve or more a round due to wear and tear when I rarely lose a ball is kind of a bugger.
  6. Hoping your little birdie is spot on. Really looking forward to this ball as it ticks all the right boxes for my game but I missed out earlier and wasn't willing to sell a kidney for a sleeve
  7. Does the colored side seem smaller visually than the white? I think I'd struggle with that perception. That was my issue with the blue/yellow q star, even though they were my school colors I couldn't get over the blue side seeming smaller than the yellow side.
  8. Nostalgia speaking strongly here: Harrison Striper in my Dunlop Loco driver circa 2003(?) That pairing just fit so well at the time, consistently long and never more than 1 fairway offline
  9. I've really like my callaway cb wedges, they are so easy to hit and very forgiving on toe strikes where my miss usually is. I've looked at getting a 50 myself but my set gap wedge has been a steady performer for me so why mess around too much. One thing of note is the cb wedges come with either the spinner or rev shaft and that might not be what you're looking for in a gap wedge. I'd look for a set matching one first if possible.
  10. I grip the putter in a similar fashion, not sure where I got it from originally. My last knuckle rests on the lip of the grip no matter the putter length. Following to see what all you get for answers.
  11. Those majors and the accent had me sold back then for sure! And being a more budget friendly option that you knew could perform sure helped move some units.
  12. My Mp32s are wrapped up safely. They lie in wait for everyone's favorite Lord of the Rings movie : Return of the Swing
  13. I still have part of my old set, and they still deliver. Really ahead of their time with design I feel like with forgiveness in a reasonably attractive look. I keep them in the backup bag for visitors and they make the occasional trip to the range with me.
  14. 1. Rice Lake Wi 2. 14.3 3. Machine M1A Adjuster 4. Never 5. Newfound alignment issues in my putting 6. 100% agree
  15. I've heard that a lot about the Left Dot, just not sure how you soften the ball without loosing the characteristics that people are loving about it. Firm is fast, soft doesn't spin etc.
  16. Agree strongly with this statement. I'm wondering if maybe the AVX would be on the way out as it doesn't share the PROV name and be replaced by the Dot, with the Tour Speed still available for those wanting a softer urethane ball. The AVX has always felt like a miss to me with the niche it fits and with its branding.
  17. As far as fixing, I'd examine where you're holding the club in your hands. YMMV, but I find pressure from my index fingers to be a sign I'm strangling the club with my grip.
  18. I've been using the Taylormade Tour Response lately, similar ss to yours. I'm a fairly high spin player so losing a few hundred rpm's backspin is ok. The ball launches very easily and I've added carry distance on every club except maybe driver due to better launch/spin conditions. I still can get the drop, one hop, stop with this ball I'm used to seeing with any other urethane ball as well.
  19. I'm not comfortable with a full 58 degree, and yes I need to practice it, so I avoid that range usually. I tend to aim to around 120-90 yards from the green and rely on a drop and stop shot from that range when possible.
  20. I went from Titleist to Sub70, no regrets. They flat out perform, went from ap1 to 699pro and honestly the 699pro are more forgiving imo. Distance is similar but much more consistent.
  21. Poults, then probably Sergio out of those who are playing. This sums up all of Reed to me.
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