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  1. [quote name='801' timestamp='1375279842' post='7575416'] If you prefer a true low trajectory ball (off of all clubs), and have pure disdain for all this new-age High Launch crap, then the TP Red LDP was indeed great If you prefer a true low spin, urethane covered ball (off of all clubs) and not some smart-ball that claims to know how to spin based on how you hit it, then the TP Red LDP was (is) indeed all that great. If you prefer true, low and 100% predictable spin (off of all clubs) and not a 7 iron ball that releases, then a wedge ball that sucks back 12 feet, then the TP Red LDP is indeed all that great. If you prefer the longest ball (urethane covered) off the tee, with best wind performance ever, then the TP Red LDP is indeed ... all that great. If you prefer a nice feeling (not too soft, not too firm) urethane, low spin, low trajectory, extremely durable ball (just finished a round yesterday using 1 ball for all 18 holes) ... then the TP Red LDP is indeed ... all that great. If you are a high spin player (like myself) and prefer a low spin (off of all clubs) urethane covered ball that somehow still STOPS Dead on the greens from pretty much all clubs ... then the TP red LDP ... is indeed all that great. If you prefer a shallow angle of descent ... and loathe Stop and Drop (aka hitting a wall and falling out of the sky robbing you of distance) ... then the TP Red LDP ... is indeed all that great. I found these on Golfsmith about a week ago .... kept my mouth shut ... ordered 3 dozen ... and yes, they are the real deal TP Red LDP's. My apologies for being selfish. [/quote] hey 801, I bet you work for Taylor Made? ......and you are 25 handicapper, who cant tell the difference between one ball or the next right? all this mumbo jumbo, shallow angle of descent....you were selfish with the Golfsmith deal!
  2. better yest, have them play on the worst manicured golf courses, dog tracks! and no caddies
  3. [quote name='nitram' timestamp='1368655310' post='7043094'] If you haven't tried the Lethal, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. [/quote] The red.ldp is lower spin then the Lethal of the tee box
  4. [quote name='TJCDAS' timestamp='1368675904' post='7044956'] You need to join the monthly support group meeting for those that are still in mourning the loss of this ball. [/quote] I just dont understand why they ever stopped making this ball as good as it was?
  5. i am interested in purchasing these,if anyone has any to sell PM me! I would like new thanks
  6. [quote name='Oilman83' timestamp='1355273351' post='6053631'] [sub][size=5]Come on guys these are the easiest irons to hit!![/size][/sub] [/quote] Oilman , sent you PM with my best offer
  7. [quote name='golfdummy' timestamp='1353615817' post='5966795'] Correct, tour only ball, firmer and lower spin. I have a few dozen if anyone wants to give them a go. [/quote] i would like to try them out, how do i pm you?
  8. So is this supposed to be a re labeled RED LDP? how awesome would that be if it was?
  9. I know everyone has their own preferences, but have played a few yellow balls and none touches the Z-star SL...again my opinion because i am a feel player and love a soft golf ball they are straight of irons and tee, and hold the green very well
  10. i played these two balls when I played the other day, both balls are very similiar and liked both balls, especially greenside spin. I wanted to like the Callaway more only because they are more readily available on the bay! I had to give the edge to the SL, i am a feel player, and the SL just felt better when struck, and i think I had less sidespin on driver and straighter off irons.... so, just some feedback from those who have played both...please dont talk about any other balls in this thread, i know some threads people go off on tangents..
  11. Remember this my opinion, others will differ because everyone has their fav ball companies Tour Ball - Srixon Z-star, Z-star SL, Callaway Hex Black(not the softest , but great ball) Non-Tour Ball- Srixon Q-star( great ball), Titlest NXT Tour, Srixon Soft Feel, Maxfli U2( good choice cuz it has urethane cover)
  12. I love the yellow ball, just helped my game so much, I have both in my bag right now, both are nice balls, just some thoughts on those that have played both.
  13. [quote name='axeme' timestamp='1338856444' post='5030944'] Almost 24 hours and not only is there no response to the question, there was not even a single view of it? Did I ask something stupid? [/quote] Not a stupid question actually, i had the same one...i have played both, and I was all hyped up for the NXT-S, but I played them both side by side, and felt the Q-star was a better ball. Both seemed the same all the way to the green, and thats where the differences showed up, the q-star is flatout a better ball ,, holds the green much better..
  14. I hear right now the Wilson Duo is very soft...some others: wilson Zip Nike PD Soft Maxli Noodle Easy Distance Titleist solo Bridgestone Fix well, its subjective, i am a feel player, and like a soft ball, they ONLY drawback, is if its too soft, putting can be tricky, cuz you are not feeling the ball and cant judge distance to hole, make sense?
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