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  1. Wanting to find my first Circle T Putter and don't want to break the bank...$1100-1300ish Newport head only, bonus of it's a midslant. Want it to be original (not refinished). Thanks!
  2. Down to last Item 1. Ping G410 Plus 9° Head Only - This thing is dead mint and a club that I absolutely love (I had it paired with a Fuji 661 TR and it BOMBS - not selling together as the shaft is personalized and is my preferred driver shaft). There is one minor mark (I hesitate to even call it out, but I want to be completely transparent) where the face and crown meet. This is how I got the club from Ping. You can't notice it at address, but again wanted to call it out. $SOLD Shipped in the CONUS 2. Ping G410 LST 3 Wood 14.5° with Graphite Design Tou
  3. Looks like for about an extra $200 (the price is in AUD) you can get a drive from GolfBox 6 months earlier than anyone else... Quote# QU6084 September 4th 2020 Thank you for the opportunity to provide this quote. Your product is currently In Stock and available for immediate shipping. Prepared for: Tyler Quoted by: Derek Hanson Created Date: September 3rd 2020 Valid until: Sep
  4. Made an "Oops" on my listing earlier, so I'm cleaning it up and only listing the one item Ping i210 Irons 5-UW w/ DG Tour Issue X100 Black Onyx Shafts softstepped 1x. Pics tell the story, but the heads are in really good used shape. I purchased the heads from another member here on WRX a while back, the 5 iron does have a different serial number than the 6-UW. Have BBandFCO ferrules as well and was a fun build. These are an awesome set, but a little too much club for me. The original onyx shafts do show some wear, I've included the chips in the images. I would say the images
  5. Brand New 35" Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport putter, includes headcover. $SOLD Shipped in CONUS
  6. @LincolnJ I honestly do not know. When I bought it, I believe that it is, but I can't say that with 110% certainty
  7. Not much to say about this one, probably bought this 8-10+ years ago and while moving out found it and never has been played by me. It has an early adoption of the L Grind and is truly in fantastic shape, the grooves are excellent (as you can see from the pictures). I doubt there are too many WRX members with the JQ initials, but if there are you are in double luck for a cheap tour issue Vokey wedge. If, like me, your initials are not JQ then this is just an awesome tour Vokey that could use a strip of lead tape . What is interesting is that the face really took a lot of
  8. Yes, if you are a regular on the WRX Classifieds you have seen this putter 6+ weeks ago, but no you have not seen it at this price. I had been trying to sell at the price I paid thinking someone would jump on the chance to get a custom putter with no lead time This Brandon Matthews No 1 Putter has his Deep Oil Can Finish and vintage milling. I paid $625 for this back in April and it took about 6 weeks for the build and putter to arrive. All I've literally done is take it out of the box. Never seen anything but the inside of my apartment. It is a beautiful putter, but is no
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