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  1. Lost the toe weight on this club. Does anyone know the weight of the factory weight? Thanks.
  2. Standard Xcalibers from Golfworks at around $18 ea. would fit the bill pretty closely. Really good shafts for the money.
  3. $69.95 each. Several models, RH and LH http://sport.woot.com/plus/never-compromise-putters?ref=cnt_wp_1
  4. Both PGA SS and Golfsmith in Naples have nice used sets and both will deal off tge listed price.
  5. Tried to send a pm on the Super S irons, but system says you can't receive any messages.
  6. Saw these at the Naples FL store. Not sure if it is chain wide or just local.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Always wanted to try this; however; not at $160. $56 is acceptable for an experiment.
  8. LaPlaya has a Ledbetter Academy. I think Rick Smith's Academy is now at Raptor Bay, but Tiburon still has a school after he left there.
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