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  1. Had a set bent to my specs without issue by my local club champion during my fitting. 52 to 50 56 to 55 all bent 1 flat
  2. Two sets of irons up for sale. Fit into something more suited to my game. Cobra King Tour MIM 5-PW, GW, 56*, 60* KBS $-Taper 125S Black shafts -1/4” standard lie 1* strong except the 60* lamkin cross line ace with arrcos sensors gamed for 3 months. $1100 OBO incl shipping to lower 48 PXG Gen 1 0211 5-PW DG TI S400 standard loft length lie Iomic 2.3 grips built up no taper. SOLD pin 1/21
  3. In the process - did you go in with spin/launch/distance/etc...numbers in mind or do you just design based on looks and feel. What did you have to give up to meet the middle between performance and feel?
  4. It’s not a bad attempt. Head cover is trash. Putter actually feels pretty decent for price point. I’ll roll it for a while and see where we go. May throw the counter core in there and see how it rolls.
  5. I have - i just pushed back without issue. Odyssey would probably replace if it broke though
  6. Great info. I double checked and the previous Z Stars I wasn't impressed with were in fact the 17. I got my hands on a performance pack of the Z and can't wait to try them. Really think this might be my main ball in 2019. I know you were playing in cold weather, but could you tell anything about the short game spin with the 19 vs the 17? That's the most important thing to be besides soft feel. I felt like the 19s spin more which is consistent with the higher launch most people are seeing. Approach and green side shots stopped in a hurry. I usually have a hop and stop approach in and these are stopping a tad quicker. On green side shots, i was frustrated these were not running out as much as what i was used to with the 17s....not sure if it was the ball or the brand new wedge grooves.
  7. Played 9 holes with the 19 Z Star in 39-40 degree weather. Have a stock pile of 14 dozen 17 zstars. I am gonna have a hard time not making the switch. 19 Z Star has a better compression feel on irons, is longer in general, and the cover is built like a cowhide. This reminds me when they jumped from the Z urs to the z Star. There is something about that serm...
  8. Birmingham AL 8.3 60 XLOW Current Wedge Set up. 50/54/62 Lips are sealed, just like they were when Team Red was still around Would love to participate in the review thread.
  9. Birmingham AL 8.3 Srixon XV Lips are sealed, just like they were when Team Red was still around Would love to participate in the review thread.
  10. Forget golf limitations, were there any work limitations? I am a pharmacist and have to twist open bottles all day long, its terribly painful and I'm going to see the doctor Wednesday.
  11. Random question since I've just started arm lock putting, do you guys who arm lock worry about your shoulders being square to the line like traditional putting - I feel very open in this putitng style
  12. 85% after two full rounds is fantastic for GPS (especially combined with laser). I have some credit at my local golf shop and they can order them, but still on the fence. I think it's due to the design being more like an electronic view finder on a camera versus the LED screens on GPS. Plus it goes into standby mode pretty quick. If you have any other questions let me know. I did have one more question. Can you turn the unit on and use it as a laser rangefinder without selecting a course? For example if you went to a driving range without a course and wanted to shoot yardages to the flags? Yes, I have used to to shoot yardages in my backyard. It still shows the course overview image but it has no impact on shooting distances on the course or anywhere else. . there is a range only mode without course overlay as well
  13. Played today after a full nights charge. Outside of one hickup initially during the start of the round when it wouldnt wake up and I had to restart the unit - it was warned during the update process that it might require a restart. Anyways, unit was much more responsive picking it up and using it to range a shot after it had been sitting in between shots.
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