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  1. Totally agree with the baseball (or hockey for that matter)analogy. In fact, I played with a guy on Monday who was a former college baseball player, who was easy 300-330 with the driver and was easily the only person I’ve ever played with that consistently over clubbed by the simple fact of such easy power
  2. Nope, just the views in the replies and the choice of words says a lot. Mahalo
  3. I’m getting great insight on people just by their comments on the JT situation, thanks all.
  4. 0211’s sold out on the website. FB’s coming soon? https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/irons/original-2019-0211
  5. Jeff Gallagher is good https://highperformancegolf.com/jeff-gallagher/ Jim Burke at PGA Superstore is good too. Comes from long golf lineage. both $150 or less
  6. How much $$ do you want to spend?
  7. 1. Vegas 2. Handicap 7 3. Sim Max Oban Devotion 4. KBS 60S 5. Love to experiment 6. Yes
  8. There are plenty of instructors out there for $100/hr. For the OP, I want to get a lesson from Milo Lines, I like the way he teaches, and like the way he swings the club. And he charges $100/hr according to his site. http://www.milo-golf.com/book-lessons
  9. OMG somebody said they would not do buisness with tiger, ready the guillotines! have that man drawn and quartered.
  10. Anybody know where to get the earmuffs the girls were wearing?
  11. My girlfriend and I just played a scramble the other week and 2 of our foursome didn’t show, so we just played the 2 of us. So from her good drives from the ladies tees, we had 80 or less on the par 4’s and par 5’s less that 210 in. we shot 60 on a par 71 with not that many extra shots that we took as if there were 4 total in our group. We were definitely 10 ft or less on pretty much all our shots onto the green, and between both us managed to hole quite a few. So I think it’s a huge advantage to be 100 and in on every hole. Her and I are going to have to try this one afte
  12. Has anybody done real world testing of shortest distance front and behind Mevo+ for successful indoor usage?
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