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  1. I would love to be able to search my local courses for players... Fun app, otherwise!
  2. Head available still? PM me a price if it is-- I'm very interested!
  3. I'll check the garage-- I'm pretty sure I've got a pretty good condition 9.5 and 10.5 sitting in there somewhere. PM me and we'll try to hash things out!
  4. I was just thinking about the 612 and how excited Ryan was when I showed him the cool "Mindless" stamped head that I liked at the last mixer Byron had. To me, it was just a different head shape and WAY too long of a blade (only Minis get bagged for me still!). Ryan went CRAZY! Haha. I still can't get enough of your Damascus sticks, though. I'd learn to game a normal length blade for damascus.
  5. Super late to this... Looks GREAT, Eddie!
  6. I would be using the launch monitor both indoors and outdoors. My wife and I had our first child last April and I only got out to play 4 times. My handicap was hovering in the 6-7 range but without having time to practice, I have played like a 16 capper each time I went out. This monitor would make it much easier for me to practice at home! This is a fantastic giveaway!
  7. [quote name='Arizonalefty59' timestamp='1420522754' post='10693465'] It's a mini DH89, totally legit. [/quote] No, it's a Dale Head 9-- they are cast and then milled. I think that Byron still sells them for around $100 or so. Still a great putter but not the same as a Mini DH89.
  8. [quote name='PingDrv00' timestamp='1378744663' post='7819951'] I retract all my early statements regards the LS. They are absolute beasts, and once I have gotten a feel for them, the performance is just great. They are silly long, and easy to hit. The improved turf interaction makes fairway shots a lot better as well. The main thing I had to do was ditch the crappy stock grip, and now we are in business. [/quote] [quote name='PingDrv00' timestamp='1418921305' post='10612147'] I have tried everything, and nothing has really helped. I am just going to get rid of it any move on. [/quote
  9. Pro modus 3 120 in X flex for my Scratch SB-1s. The TT DGs don't fit me very well anymore.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=at3WfcY62-w&list=PLXThxU84hQYDZvN7Bb_VFqxobI1WRX4j2 Lower trajectory and lower spin. Much needed for my iron swing.
  11. I'd love a set of the US colored MBs because I need to replace my Scratch SB-1s! Help me out, Callaway!
  12. He said that "most putters" don't line up the sweet spot and alignment aide. I just wanted to clarify that the DH89 is not one of those putters.
  13. [quote name='tmcnulty30' timestamp='1410149364' post='10082617'][quote name='rbhan12' timestamp='1410147561' post='10082511'] You wouldn't by any chance have one, now would you? [/quote] I am in the process of purchasing it. Didnt know if it was a waste of money or not[/quote] It's an older model (late 80's - early 90's). I've got of lot of Byrons... None of them are a waste of money to me.
  14. [quote name='bladehunter' timestamp='1410142566' post='10082109'] [quote name='Colin20' timestamp='1410133656' post='10081231'] [quote name='chamgel2' timestamp='1410103364' post='10079291'] [quote name='bladehunter' timestamp='1410098756' post='10079031'] very nice indeed..... love the lack of sight aid...I struggle looking at those darn lines too....and as anyone who pays attention knows..on a Cameron it rarely points to the actual sweetspot....usually the spot is heel side of the line...I too have thought of having one custom made.... what kind of lead time did it take to get yours...an
  15. Most likely a cast putter with a milled face. Any pics? Engraved with M029?
  16. Oban. I love the colors/designs and the feel of the shafts. I still haven't hit the Kiyoshi white but loved the other Kiyoshis. The devotion 7 was a great shaft that I owned in a Nike Sasquatch head for a little while. Fantastic shaft. Very underrated, IMO.
  17. [quote name='MGolfer' timestamp='1407907646' post='9922523'] Thanks for sharing. I have come across a lot of fake equipment but not a Scotty. [/quote] You must be new to the high end OTR putter game... When I first became a member here I recall quite a few threads discussing all of the counterfeit putters. The main culprit brand was usually Cameron.
  18. [quote name='rbhan12' timestamp='1407989359' post='9929617'] [quote name='Medson' timestamp='1407988974' post='9929581'] BTW, great photo of that raw DH89. I always wonder how much hand grind goes into each DH89. [/quote] Thanks, the credit goes to the photographer-putter maker! I particularly like this photo because it shows how rough "rough" really is. Extrapolating this photo into 009s, DH89s, and the R006, I would gander that a fair amount of handwork goes into the final product. [/quote] The DH89s (and all of Byron's other models) come out with VERY sharp edges. I actually cut my
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