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  1. Throw a cheap harrison saga in that 9015d and it's a monster Thats why I have two just like that
  2. Driver: Adams 9015D w/Harrison Saga 60 FW: Ping G10 4 wood w/Purple Ice 75 Hybrid: Adams A12 Pro Aldila RIP 105 Irons: Mizuno MP15 S300 as good as anything I've hit in the past. Glad they are still in the bag Wedges: Callaway X Forged MD Putter: Rife Barbados
  3. This should be a wakeup for companies selling $500 drivers and $1200 irons sets. Nike has more money at their disposal than any other golf club firm and they are quitting. That says so much
  4. Sorry I didn't get a notification of your reply. I am planning to put them on eBay today if they don't sell. In that case I will let you know what is available.
  5. I'm sorry I wasn't getting notifications when people replied here or I would have answered you sooner. I'd rather not ship overseas because of the obvious difficulty and massive costs to ship. BUT If they make it to eBay today I will make that option available and let you know first.
  6. Don't do it man she really wants a range finder... and a big a** house. Get it done and enjoy. Congrats :wub:
  7. I have a split set w/S300's I am not completely sold on the 25's 4-6 but I love the feel of the 15's 7-P. I might end up getting a 4-6 in the 15's
  8. Jason, I just sold the last 10.5 head two weeks ago and down to my last 9.5 head and last new Saga shaft! I just can't seem to ever find an 8.5 head in good shape in order to play it. I am glad to hear you are still loving the one you bought from me last year. You could always buy this one as a backup haha If I had known about the 10.5 it would now reside in Oregon. If I see an 8.5 I'll let you know. I forgot I got it from you. Thought your handle seemed familiar.
  9. I've got a Ping Eye 2 1 iron that sometimes goes in the bag when its been hot and dry and I get tons of roll off the tee. Usually its at home but I always bring it out at the beginning of the year for practice. When I start hitting that right I smoke the rest of my irons.
  10. I have the 9015D set up the same and it still can't be kicked out of the bag. Love that Saga shaft
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