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  1. I'm not familiar with Ecco sizing, but I would say they are a full size difference to todays FootJoy's. I would wear an 11 in FJ Classics and now wear 10W in FJ Icon or FJ Premiere. Despite being loyal to the Classic's, the new Premiere's are phenomenal especially for walkers. They are not the same quality of the Classics, but they are a good shoe.
  2. Hi, do you know if these are .355 or .370 tips? Thanks!
  3. @m_w did you put that wear pattern on the DW's...my god. I couldn't spray paint a more perfect circle.
  4. Personally, I wasn't a huge fan of the Classic's Tour with the rubber sole. The rubber sole just didn't do it for me, but respect them for trying to find an innovative way to keep the Classic's alive. I did really like the Classics Dry Premiere which was still a leather sole but had some rubber in it to help break in a bit quicker. I also second that the Icon Blacks were a really great shoe. Have a couple pairs of those and they were great walking shoes, no complaints at all. There was some cork in the footbed and it was remarkably stable but yet comfortable and still classic looking. I will also add that their latest Premiere Series is intriguing. Went to order a pair of the Tarlow's through my golf shop but they were back ordered through FJ, so I'll have to try another route.
  5. I haven't tried them yet, but Brooks Brothers seems to have a nice lightweight 5-pocket that is reasonable price when on sale.
  6. @putterboy75 you only have one choice and thats to stick it out and then put lots of newspaper inside of the shoes after you get off the course. The new and already discontinued 1857's were really nice looking but just too expensive. I'm sure they were worth it, but $750 is just a bit high. I think if they would have been priced $300-$425 they would have done very well.
  7. @Konklifer would Larry Bobka have been involved with MacGregor at that time?
  8. Those are mint too! I really wish FootJoy would have continued with the Classics/1857 line.
  9. @SC-TX 88 If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for the raw heads? I'd love to go down that path as well.
  10. About a half-size too small, but had the super nice guys at LaRossa stretched them for me.
  11. Found these last year at a Goodwill...perfection.
  12. Those Macgregor blades were so pure. Don White era of greatness.
  13. You might want to consider adding tip weights to bring swing weight up. You will have lost a few grams of weight in the stripping process.
  14. I would only buy from Golfworks or direct from a reputable source. The fakes are really difficult to tell visually, but are complete garbage.
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