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  1. Looking for a set of KBS Tour 120 pulls 4- P, cheaper the better.
  2. Good timing here. I pulled a Pro Orange 70tx out of the closet I forgot I had and may try it in a 425 head. It’s a little on the shorter side and thinking it may pair nicely with the heavier weight of the 425.
  3. Comparison between Tensei Pro Blue and TB? Played a Pro Blue off and on the last couple years and liked it for the most part, but while the Ventus Black has been really good, I’m wondering if going back to a blueboard-ish profile will be a little easier to manage round to round. Curious if the TB is a huge leap over the Pro Blue.
  4. PayPal only, CONUS only, and price includes shipping/fees. Will likely be shipped UPS Ground. I just want to get most of this stuff into the hands of someone who will use it so pretty much, any reasonable offer(s) will be accepted. Also, I am on the east coast so please consider the cost of shipping if you're on the west coast. 1. Taylormade M3 440 10* Head - Excellent condition. No headcover but will be well-protected. Sold 2. Callaway 815 Alpha 20* Hybrid head - Excellent condition. No headcover but will be well-protected. $50 3. Titleist Vokey 2009 Re
  5. You are free to do whatever you choose with the property you own. I think it's in poor taste to use information/knowledge gained from a community about an item just to turn around and sell it to them. Purely my opinion and not one with which you have to agree.
  6. Annnnnd straight to the BST. This place...
  7. Nearly every brands adapter adds around 3/8-1/2," so yours has been tipped 1."
  8. Looking for a relatively cheap, low-bounce (less than 9-10*) 58 degree lob wedge. Not looking for CBX or shovel-esque models. Some wear is fine but no browning or completely torched grooves. Some suggested models: Callaway MD2 Tour Grind, Ping Glide 2.0, Glide Forged, SM7, Wilson PMP, etc.
  9. Thinking about trying a Max LS with the trade in bonus going, but I really am very happy with my SIM still. I took a demo of the Speed and regular Max out today and preferred the sound/feel of the Speed but the Max gave me better results even though the Max seemed to be spinning a little too much. Afraid to knock off too much spin with the LS even though some videos/testing have shown the Max and Max LS to be pretty similar there - just some apprehension since past low-spin drivers from Callaway were VERY low spin (EF and Mavrik for example) and I’m not a super high spin player to begin with.
  10. I have a hole in my bag in this spot and looking closely at the G425. Love the head shape and adjustability. I wonder what the true profile and ingredients are on the Pro Orange 80x as it is listed on the MCA site as available "through select partners." The weight and torque specs make it seem much closer to the R and S flexes, there is no TX until you get to the 90g weight, and MCA doesn't list it in the specs in the official PDF for the Pro Orange hybrid. I might stick with something a little more traditional in weight distribution as I'm not sure if a counter-balanced shaft in the hybrid w
  11. This is why I always pull the grip on just about every used shaft I buy. Doesn't take much effort to save it, but technically if you cut it off you might fall into that area of "modifying the item" which doesn't jive with paypal policies - this sort of scenario doesn't really fit well into their policies which makes it a little tough to handle. I will typically ask the seller before paying which would give you some recourse as well.
  12. Some of the replies in here are just gross. What happened to this site...
  13. PayPal only, CONUS only, and price includes shipping/fees. Will be shipped UPS Ground. Taylormade Spider X Copper/White Slant Neck 34" - Excellent condition. This was a 35" that was trimmed an inch and has a Golf Pride Tour Classic grip blown on. No headcover. Standard loft/lie and weights. I also have OEM Taylormade 12g weights that were used once I can add for another $15 if interested. $225
  14. I was hoping you would respond since you’ve been such a stalwart in these threads and expected you would get triggered by it. Keep proving the point that you’re incapable of even considering an opinion that doesn’t match yours by calling it “speculation” since you wanted everyone else to eat crow when, once again, we still didn’t have all the information. I’ll block you, and you can block me so neither of us have to read each other’s posts anymore and we can both truly “move on.”
  15. Funny how anyone questioning Reed was getting crucified this weekend after the Rory video came out and now camp Reed wants to move on.
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