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  1. the speed shop has been talked about for years now. a TCC member was chatting with Scotty one time and SC mentioned something like it. already named it too. the speed shop. basically a custom shop store to buy items you would normally need to send in your putter. he realized not everyone wants to be without their flatstick for a period of time just for a new cover or grip. I think eventually more CS items will be stocked there. it was a mad dash today given it was "new". I'm sure it will be restocked soon enough.
  2. it's been a month since i ordered my kit. still shows submitted. I can't remember what it said at the time i ordered if it was 6-8 weeks or 8-10 as it shows now. not in a rush either way.
  3. as much as I enjoy the brands items, that's the way they've always been. hardly every compensate for any of their wrong doing. the custom shop is no different. toss in a headcover or something for their mistake (blemish on returning a putter, wrong finish or paintfil)....nope. you're lucky they cover the cost of return shipment.
  4. nope. mainly the week of a Major, Holidays. see the first post I have on release dates to use as a guide on when releases will happen.
  5. a week after the release, I get my shipment notification.
  6. I haven't even gotten my shipment email. well past the 72hr threshold. ridiculous.
  7. I updated the first post to show the release dates. they're all assumed and could be changed but they should be correct based on previous years, week of tournament and holiday.
  8. yeah doesn't seem like the tweets go out on releases. they don't want the backlash they receive.
  9. here's 2020 list to give you an idea on what releases are when. https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1675890-2020-club-cameron-releases/
  10. the intern probably didn't tweet because they knew they'd get hammered for the website issues. just my guess.
  11. I'll update the first post with speculation days of when releases happen. on those days you need to be logged in at 10:25am CST and refresh at 10:30am. if not, you'll miss out.
  12. staff bags normally don't sell well but being it's "Tiffany" people may go nuts.
  13. got the cover and sticker. haven't bought a hula girl in a while. like the simplicity of it. holy heck that website is still trash after all these years.
  14. it was like that for me early on but then I stopped and only bought what I liked and what I'd use. I have bought plenty of bags and flipped most. I've kept the Baja Cinco and use the bag often. some covers aren't worth the hassle to resell if you don't end up liking it. many buy with the hopes of getting a "special" cover which many times is about 1/10 covers for some releases. not all have a special though.
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