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  1. seems like it, at least for this release. many times the timer didn't even work right. maybe that bogged down the site? only a matter of time until plenty of us complain about getting cart snipped when a stand bag drops. then maybe they'll revisit it.
  2. totally forgot about the release today. not interested in any items but cool none the less.
  3. it's missing the titleist script on the underside as mentioned before. these fakes are pretty close but they're always missing the stript.
  4. check with fedex and track by reference using your SC order number. I'd imagine with the PGA release debacle and releasing it twice, along with adding in the US Open release. they're backed up. just a guess but i know you're not the only one.
  5. seems early on the site was ok, now others are having issues.
  6. they hardly release anything other than the blade covers. which is a shame IMO. they push the mid-mallet putters all over social media and hardly ever release any covers for it.
  7. a reuse of the Mardi Gras cover. ? https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/accessories/headcovers/2020-mardi-gras-mini-crowns/
  8. i dont even know what to call this release. it's still apart of the pga i would guess.
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