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  1. love the cover. got that and the tool.
  2. I guess it's more of a reference of past PGA covers?
  3. Kiawah Islands, South Carolina. it's on a beach so I guess the beach umbrellas.
  4. the only thing is the release would have a different saying than the tour saying.
  5. same here. been wearing Oakleys for a long time. I wear Flak 2.0 XL on and off the course, due to their variety of different lenses they offered for the frame. plus it's lightweight. I cannot stand regular lenses while driving, especially in the bright sun. I tried my Polarized lenses on the course many years ago and DID NOT like it one bit. i never wore sunglasses again until Oakley came out with their G30 golf lenses for the Flak Jacket (or Fast Jackets). that's when i started wearing them again on the course. really like the contrast it gives and have no issue reading the green with them.
  6. I wear polarized Oakleys just about every day (if it's sunny) while NOT golfing. I play golf about 95% of the time with Oakley Prizm Golf lenses and NOT polarized lenses. Polarized cut the glare and on the course, it was messing with my head a little. the grass and slopes looked off. Unless we're dew sweeping in the early AM or it's a late dusk with a few holes left, i'm almost always wearing them. even in overcast.
  7. exactly. I've said this multiple times. the items sell out...regardless. they really do not care about the CC members nor about their experience buying items. some will leave and others will take their place. circle of life I suppose.
  8. LMAOOOOOO. gotta love it. I put "stop deleting comments" on their most recent IG post. BANNED!!!!!!!
  9. wherever Sun Mountain bags are made.
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