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  1. I use what looks good to my eye and performs best in the conditions I regularly play in. I must have 20 wedges in my basement and 5 in my locker at my club. Always tinkering. Just my 50* is the same OEM as my irons. I've got Cleveland, Titleist, Scratch, Miura and others sitting around.
  2. I've been a 14way guy for 15 years or so. Think my next bag will be something different. I like the idea, full length dividers, etc. but I don't like the looks/options of 14ways that are out there, even the 2022 stuff I've seen. Vessel may be the only one that has my interest, but every time I look, the 14way tops are out of stock.
  3. Very disappointing. Their color ways are awful.
  4. I rarely ride, if ever, and contemplating the Trouper 2.0. My SM 14way is pretty beat up and none of the other 14ways out in the market look good to me. I had Jones in high school and college, and I never remembered having an issue, just that they took a beating and still looked great. Or I can just wait until all the new stuff comes out to make a decision.
  5. Brain gremlins are the golfer’s demise. Pick a set you like, have confidence and practice to get better. Six inches between the ears is the worst part of golf.
  6. No. Just don't wear a glove. Noonan can spray some stick 'em on there for you.
  7. Hit a few balls last evening with the TD LS. Sounds good, but I don't like the shape and numbers weren't compelling enough to change.
  8. Fitter had me in the Max LS and I was hitting balloons. I mentioned the TD heads and his eyes starting rolling around in his head. Said he didn't know much about the fancy stuff and that they are only available to the pros. We got back to messing with shafts and into the Speed head, I don't like the look of the others. Dialed in to the MMT 70g shaft with decent numbers on less than half decent swings. I asked to put that shaft in the 816 Alpha head that I've been using and saw great results. The spin numbers consistently were in the 2500 range, down from 3300 range. Carry is still about the same. Tried a few other shafts and adjustments, but I started getting tired. So we'll see if I get any more run out of this set up. I took the shaft he had in the cart, our pro replaced his shaft with one from the shop.
  9. So @JohnnyCallaway when I visit with my local Callaway rep on 20.May and get 'fit', if nothing is getting spin down, I can talk triple diamond heads and they will know what I am talking about? I am very intrigued and you can see in my signature I can't seem to shake an old BB Alpha from my bag. Appreciate your insights and sharing on the forum!
  10. Both putter and cover are real
  11. Getting ready to join the senior tour commercials with McCarron and Lehman?
  12. Cobra. Every time I try, they look awful and perform poorly.
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