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  1. So why does manufacturer still uses s200 and label it as wedge flex? Is it to gain better feel by sacrificing a lil bit of spin?
  2. thanks for the insightful info howard now im just full on confused i play s300 shaft i use the rtx full face and getting higher launch lower spin with wedge switch to my S400, i get lower launch higher spin if i read correctly, if the dg spinner is x100 i should be getting lower launch higher spin correct?
  3. has anyone tried tipping the Dynamic gold spinner shaft 1/2" maybe?
  4. wondering does anyone have trouble hitting low checker with this wedge? for some reason it always slides up the face and launch high for me wonder if its the head or the shaft thats kinda softer i felt anyone else felt this?
  5. ok, now thats different feel is different taste for everyone for me, vokey always felt clicky cleveland more medium callaway forged and nike were soft i think this could be attributed to the groove configuration as well i notice the fullface have smaller more frequent groove, which means more void area imagine hitting MB vs CB -- more meat = softer feel my full face were bent 5 degree down to 59 degree lie, so the material is soft, but i do agree the feel is not as soft
  6. have been using it and practice few times with it nice shape, the C grind helps to hit it higher, but does not help to launch it lower for me maybe still adjusting with the shaft for me it works better for full shot, but lost the versatility of lower bounce wedge around the green but its stayin in the bag for now
  7. Its less heel relief, and more toe relief Yes it doesnt dig, that part is true So far so good tho, just gotta figure out whether the spinner shaft is a good fit Coming from s400, i lost my low spinner shot with this wedge I dont know if its the grind or the shaft
  8. was wondering if if this is normal? The c grind doesnt seem to be symetrical as there is more toe grind than heel grind i wonder whats the purpose of this toe grind beside closed face chipping i actually thought its beneficial to have more mass on the toe side as it helps to bounce the club up for flop shot thoughts? IMG-20210625-WA0003.webp
  9. does anyone notice the C grind is not symmetrical? from what i see in mine, there is more toe relief than it is on the heel side i thought this was super odd when i bought there, there happen to be another 60 degree as well, and i tried to eyeball the look, some where rounder as well i ended up taking this one because the leading edge seems "straighter" and looks not as round i wonder if anyone else notice this about the grind too
  10. damn those looks good, i hope they have the raw version in south east asia i notice oz website only tour satin
  11. mizuno mp metal TI is it? i have one of those 5 wood with white board shaft in it deep face, i have trouble hitting it off the deck, but off the tee it went almost as far as my driver diablo edge tour and R7 TP 3 woods are still in my bag R9 TP is my oldest 5 wood i have, been going strong for 10 years now
  12. wow, i just wrote a topic about this i mentioned about the face, just today i was looking at the face and i notice there is something similar to twist face in a way the toe was very open, yet the lower heel is not as stretch back as much, even seems like it was kinda flat i know this one of their marketing material for the adams DHY
  13. wondering if anyone else notice this, i was playing around with my 9015D under the light and have always notice this driver have a really open face, but today under certain angle, i notice the low heel side of the club is a little bit forward or not angled so much towards the back of the club i know they had this technology in the DHY from 2013 wondering if anyone else notice this piece of tech thank you
  14. mp20 5-pw, mp60 4 iron toyed around with different profile and brand 3 and 4 iron but i notice there is significant different sole profile with diff playing characteristic if you move away too far from the rest of the iron, and more importantly the feel mp64 long iron would probably good, i just happen to have mp60 lying around with a softer shaft, actually helps to lift the ball higher too with a bit more spin
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