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  1. PXG Proto X+ with Diamana S+ Shaft. I’m a fan of PXG, the current prices are better than other brands for the drivers, and it outperformed my R7 460 by almost 20 yds with better dispersion. I was fit for a Sim Max with a Ventus Blue but I didn’t like how it felt off the face and I didn’t like the price.
  2. Here’s the link for the original wedges that are $125. They work better for me because I like higher bounce. https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/legacy/wedges/0311-forged-wedges
  3. Got the same driver and shaft. Yes it’s black and yes it only has an S. It’s all good. Edit: so mine exactly says Diamana then there’s a small S above the 60 and then Flex S.
  4. I use the original wedges. They are the ones for $125 right now. I love them! With the elevate tour they’re awesome especially at full swings (which I always have an issue with most wedges) and a nice soft feel. I get plenty of spin on them and think they’re a great deal. I use a 52 and 58.
  5. I use the Fuji 2.0 8s in my 0317x and it’s fantastic. I love that shaft.
  6. Ok so I thought I would give a little data. Played my first round with the Proto X+ today. I use Shotscope so I have some real analytics and not just anecdotal info. This summer I've been using my old TM R7 460 with the stock Stiff shaft. I average 38% FIR, equal misses left and right. My playing average is 235yd and my one longest is 260. Today with the Proto I hit 46% FIR, equal misses left and right, though the dispersion of the misses were much closer to the fairway. My playing average was 248yd and I hit one 268. I hadn't played this course wi
  7. Got my Proto X+ w/ Diamana S+ on Tuesday and took it to the range today. Wow. Coming from an R7 460 this is a huge leap in performance and feel. Easily 20yds longer carry. Not to mention the sound. The baseball bat reference is spot on. I kept the heavy weight in the back as it came from them and I don't think I would change a thing. My usual miss is a hook and I never hit one. Most I had was a heavy draw but most were right down the pipe. I got a phone fitting from Claire and she was spot on her assessment. Can't wait to get it on the course! EDIT: forgot to add that I w
  8. For reference, my 0811X+ proto just got delivered. 11 days from order to in-hand. Taking it out Thursday for the first time.
  9. Wish I could find a good set of the combo X-BL in the US and not have to buy EBay Japan. Just missed a steal of a deal on a set and am kicking myself.
  10. I absolutely love my PXG 0317X. No need to worry about it being obsolete any time soon and they’re one a great deal these days. I have a 19deg with Fuji Pro 2.0 8S and hit it about 220-230.
  11. Ordered my X+ on Friday and it’s in final inspection today. Stock Diamana S+ 60g Stiff shaft. EDIT: Shipped yesterday as well. Should be here Wednesday.
  12. About to be my PXG Proto X+ when it arrives.
  13. Sounds good! What shafts did you play before trying the MMt? They’re intriguing me.
  14. Seconded on the flexbar. The reverse Tyler Twist is Great for my elbow pain.
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