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  1. PXG Proto. Just got mine and it’s become my number one wood already.
  2. Never had my two PXGs go left. Always hit a fade.
  3. For the record I hit my first drive over 300yds yesterday. 306 according to ShotScope. It is a downhill hole but only about 50ft. I’m averaging about 250-260 but I really got ahold of that one. It’s a Proto X+ with Diamana Stiff, weight in front.
  4. About to find out. Just bought a PXG Proto 3W to fill the gap between driver (250) and 3H (210).
  5. Just had a fitting and order a Proto 3W with HZRDUS Smoke 70g to pair with my Proto X+ with Diamana S+. Tried a few different shafts but this one felt the best with the best ball speed and the best dispersion. I had a bit of gap between my driver at 250 and my 19deg hybrid at 210. This was flying about 230 so it’ll be perfect. Can’t wait!
  6. I started with the Elevate 95 S in my fitting and went back and forth and found no difference in dispersion, distance, etc with the MMT. Virtually identical for me which made it a no brainer.
  7. I personally don’t have any issues with it. Haven’t noticed anything different. I came from rifle flighted shafts so I’m used to different weights in my irons, though quite a bit heavier. Took about two rounds to get used to them and now that I play pain free golf I’m never going back.
  8. I switched weight. Went with the stock 80g stiff. Took about 2 range sessions to make the switch but I absolutely love them now. 7i SS is 88 for reference.
  9. Switched to MMT from Rifle Flighted and my arms feel fantastic. No more elbow pain at all.
  10. Agreed. It’s why I switched to Arccos even though I like SS tags and gps better. Now I’m just waiting for them to show the trends like Arccos and I’ll be set. Seeing which part of the game you’re improving in round to round has been invaluable. But I just ordered a V3 again and I’m switching back to SS.
  11. I got the update last night. Looks good! Finally I’m not always comparing my stroked gained to a tour pro haha. I actually used SS V3 last year and then switched to Arccos around November. I’m switching back now that they have all the strokes gained integration. The data is presented in an easier to use format on Arccos but I like the SS ecosystem better. Time to sell the Link!
  12. So I've been playing my Proto X+ with Diamana S+ shaft for over a year now. Thought I would give a longer term review. I had just started to play again after about 5 years of playing Army and then back issues. I was playing an old R7, so I was very used to it and how it played and felt. I did a phone fitting as I didn't have a PXG fitter near me and wasn't traveling much due to all the lockdowns last year. I ended up with the X+ with the 15g weight in the back and the stock Diamana S+ shaft. First few rounds I gained about 5 yds and tightened up the dispersion. This was a good start. However after my swing started to get grooved back in, I started to get a random nasty snap hook. It started to happen more and more and I was getting a bit frustrated. Then in February I went for a PXG fitting for the new 0211DC irons and had the fitter take a look at what was happening. He changed to hosel setting, flattening out the driver some, and it turned my snap hook into a nice high fade. I was very happy and started hitting more fairways again. I did feel that I still was leaving some distance on the table, as I was averaging about 235 on my drives (Arccos average). I had to tee the ball lower than I used to as I was hitting off the top more with this setup and I felt that was causing me some yards. Yesterday, as any good GolfWRXer would do, before the first tee I randomly decided to swap the 15g weight to the front. It definitely felt different. I started to top the ball. The first tee I hit a drive that got about 30ft off the ground. Second tee, I almost missed the ball, topping it. So I decided to tee it up higher like I used to do and voila, that was it! I started to drive it another 10-15 yds. I made no other changes to the swing, other than tee height. I will say the sound changed, which was not something I was expecting. It sounded more hollow with the weight up front. But I definitely am liking the change now. I'll still have to see how it performs over the next few rounds, but I gained yards and didn't lose any dispersion. Ended up hitting 5 fairways on the back 9 as I got more used to it. I also like the launch window that I have now. All this to say, please play with the weights and see what works for you. They definitely change the feel and performance. And I still love this driver.
  13. 48 Gap - 56 Sand - 60 Lob. I just hit 3/4 gap shots to fill the difference to the 56.
  14. I use the PXG 0211DC Gap Wedge from the set and then my trusty Vokey Oil Can 56 I've had for a decade. Just added a 60deg Callaway 2019 PM Grind for specialty shots that I love. I'm not OCD about that, I use what I like and what works for me. That Oil Can I trust all the time. I know exactly what distances it goes, how it'll come out of the bunker, etc. The PM was for fun and to try something new.
  15. I use 12. D - 3h - 5i-GW - 56 - 60 - putter. Might try a 3w at some point, but honestly I hit the 3h off the tee about the same distance for the gap I need that I would hit the 3w and I'm completely confident in it. I use the GW from 110 down to about 80yds and just change my swing for it. I'm much more consistent that way. I don't use the 56 or 60 for full shots.
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