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  1. So I've been playing my Proto X+ with Diamana S+ shaft for over a year now. Thought I would give a longer term review. I had just started to play again after about 5 years of playing Army and then back issues. I was playing an old R7, so I was very used to it and how it played and felt. I did a phone fitting as I didn't have a PXG fitter near me and wasn't traveling much due to all the lockdowns last year. I ended up with the X+ with the 15g weight in the back and the stock Diamana S+ shaft. First few rounds I gained about 5 yds and tightened up the dispersion. This was a
  2. 48 Gap - 56 Sand - 60 Lob. I just hit 3/4 gap shots to fill the difference to the 56.
  3. I use the PXG 0211DC Gap Wedge from the set and then my trusty Vokey Oil Can 56 I've had for a decade. Just added a 60deg Callaway 2019 PM Grind for specialty shots that I love. I'm not OCD about that, I use what I like and what works for me. That Oil Can I trust all the time. I know exactly what distances it goes, how it'll come out of the bunker, etc. The PM was for fun and to try something new.
  4. I use 12. D - 3h - 5i-GW - 56 - 60 - putter. Might try a 3w at some point, but honestly I hit the 3h off the tee about the same distance for the gap I need that I would hit the 3w and I'm completely confident in it. I use the GW from 110 down to about 80yds and just change my swing for it. I'm much more consistent that way. I don't use the 56 or 60 for full shots.
  5. Titleist 735cm. Just replaced them last month finally.
  6. I do. I have a 19deg hybrid. Use it off the tee, fairway, and rough just fine. Very versatile.
  7. Love my MMTs. Just switched out of rifles into them. Took about an hour to get used to the weight difference and now I’m good to go. I don’t feel I’m losing out at all to a steel shaft and my arms feel good after 18 again.
  8. Same! Just got out of my Titleist 735cm with Rifle Flighted into the 2021 0211 w/ MMT and they are fantastic. Last year I had 0311T Gen 2, Srixon combo, and Mizuno 919Tours and never loved any of them. The 0211DC are perfect and other than a driving range session to get used to the lighter weight shaft, I’m actually playing them better than ever. My favorite part is hitting it thin or on the toe and they still go straight and land about 10yds short instead of being all over the place.
  9. hobbstc


    Yep, ended up playing the West and loved it. Other than two blowup holes, I really enjoyed the layout and challenges. I'll have to try the east next time.
  10. I heard it was for swingweight purposes but who knows. All I know is I love them more and more every round. Mishits still go straight and my arm and back don’t hurt after 18 thanks to the MMTs.
  11. Also after my fitting, it took 10 days from order to my door for the 0211DC.
  12. I hit both and went with the 0211. I also hit the elevate 95 and the MMT 80g Stiff. Ended up with MMT but the elevate was really nice and smooth. Had some elbow and back injuries so I’m switching to graphite. I'm coming from Titleist 735.cm set with Rifle Flighted shafts, so a very heavy combo. This shaft was much lighter but I really like how it feels. I had almost no difference in numbers between the E95 and MMT by the way. Just came down to preference. Just played my second round with them and I absolutely love them.
  13. Do you live in Tally? Or just asking for when you visit?
  14. Anybody live at Eagle Creek? Wife and I are moving down for work and was thinking about moving there. The in-laws are just south of the airport on Boggy Creek and we like the area.
  15. I really enjoyed Lakewood Commander course last summer. My handicap didn’t though.
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