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  1. Hi all, We're hopefully coming out of isolation soon in Victoria, Australia and I can't wait to play, but we're also going into winter so I'm looking to get an at least water resistant carry bag. What are the options for light weight and comfortable to carry stand bags and what do you recommend? Cheers
  2. > @Huntingchris0000 said: > I hit the 7 iron in the HMB today with Modus 120. It felt so nice. More like old Mizuno feel. I will probably be ordering a whole set 3-9 HMB and using T20 wedges for the rest This is exactly what I got fit for at Mizuno in Melbourne last Friday. I was really impressed with the HMBs, I'm coming from Srixon 965s and was expecting to go with the MP-20 blades but couldn't argue with the numbers the HMB gave me. As a low spin and ball flight player the normal cranked lofts of this type of iron doesn't work for me, but these launched over a degree higher wit
  3. And it's good to see that the core is pretty much dead center. I'm still loving the balls, there really isn't any performance issue that I've found and for some reason I see the line much better with the triple track.
  4. I'm working on reducing the amount of early extension and rounding of my back during the down swing. Looking at this one video do you think I need to further reduce it or is it now within acceptable margins?
  5. After using these balls for a couple of months now I'm a big fan. I have been using a drawn line on my ball for a while but for some reason the triple track seems to make it so much easier to aim and commit to the line. I've always had issues pulling right to left putts but that has pretty much totally gone. From a tee to green perspective I haven't noticed a difference vs the older chrome soft x until less than full wedges which seem to spin a lot more. I don't think most people would really notice a difference. I've bought 3 dozen so that tells what I think of them
  6. From Callaway Insta Looks like the exact ball I posted, so the diamond on it may now be the production ball come April.
  7. > @mjbfyb said: > The OP got his wish. April 19 is the release date. Awesome! That ball has made it through 54 holes already, I don't think it can cope with many more
  8. Hi All, I got given a couple of these balls by a Callaway guy and was wondering if anyone knew much about them? From my experience the ball feels exactly the same as the current Chrome Soft X (my gamer), but seems to spin quite a lot more on pitch shots, everything else seems to be the very similar. I love the triple track, I thought it was wouldn't make a difference but the couple of rounds I've used the balls I have 25 and 29 putts which is way better than normal for me. I'm hoping they aren't a tour only ball but will come to market.
  9. I've gotten back into the program again in the last few weeks (back to the intro protocol after a 6 month break) and have been seeing increases pretty much every session. Then today I did it in the morning instead of the afternoon when I normally do it and was back to around my starting swing speeds. Would you say it's not worth doing in the morning for me as I can't keep the speed up, or would it still have benefits?
  10. From what I've heard the reason they are able to get (claim anyway) ball speed increases is that they have found a way to get around the way the USGA test CT. They clamp the head and then test the face, it doesn't really test the head as a whole. That could just be marketing BS, but sounds somewhat plausible.
  11. Sorry to bring back an old post but I thought this question probably fit best here. Is Game Golf on their last legs? GG Pro still hasn't come out, it's over 6 months late, and there don't seem to be any site updates. They have also gone dark on social media which all leads me to think they will close their doors soon. Anyone herd anything?
  12. mid year Google changed their pricing for the Maps API, I would guess it's related to that.
  13. What what I understand from speaking with a Callaway rep, the way the face reacts with a jailbreak in the head is very different that that without it. They used the same face (or close enough to) for the Epic and Rouge as they had for a couple of years, but it wasn't optimized for the way the whole club reacted. Apparently they used a super computer for a fair amount of time (would be very expensive) to find an optimal face design, they ran something like 15k options though the computer to get to what it ended up being.
  14. I've been playing the 2016 Chrome Soft X for a while and really like it, but they're hard to get now. I'm on my last sleeve, but won a couple of dozen Z Stars last week so I was thinking of trying them instead of moving to the 2018 Chrome Soft X. Is anyone able to compare the two balls? Thanks
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