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  1. Impatiently waiting for them to release so that I can pick up a white hybrid for my primary clubs, and black hybrid for my vacation/travel set
  2. What was the color of the sole underneath the Bred foil? (After it chips off) It’s the only one missing from my XI collection.
  3. Came in this morning - very well crafted. Now trying to figure out what to wear with these. Coupled with the Jordan XI Bred purchase this morning, catching grief from the significant other for all the Nike packages arriving at our house.
  4. Look like TW Practice Short 1.0 from a few years back. My personal favorite are the 3.0 Flex version
  5. > @Lesmond said: > > @jwhite86 said: > > Picked up the floral US Open polo and the Pigeon hat... Love the way those hats fit > > They had this at my clearance store for $24. Looked nice but no swoosh on chest, so no buy. > > I hope to find a pigeon hat soon. I’ll take any color, but if had to choose, it would probably be the blue one. > > > Roger Dunn in Santa Ana had the pigeon hat in both colorways this past weekend.
  6. Select the listing with the slim fit descriptor, all the sizes are still available
  7. There is a 10% eBay code floating at the other big deal forum site that expires tonight. Used it in a pair of the Jordan XI denims yesterday.
  8. Bunch of new Engage 50* wedges on eBay from dallasgolf for those that have been searching.
  9. Good looking wedges, picked up a 50F, 54M, and 2x 58Ms. Had them pull the S200 shafts and I’ll get them shafted up to my specs next week. Played the last two generations of forged versions and expect these to be great as well.
  10. Headed to Tokyo in 10 days for a work trip. Definitely picking up a 50-54-58 set to replace my last forged set. Will report back after.
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