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  1. PXG Proto 9 Degree Driver with ALDILA Blue 2KNV 60X MCC +4 with + 1 extra wrap has the upgraded nice cover 45.5 playing length $275 Shipped OBO or TRADE??? pin 5/15
  2. Custom MySpider Slant Neck Blacked out T Line Blacked out shaft very small spot on back bumper 35” cover included $160 Shipped pin 3/27
  3. Pured Tour Issue S400 wedge shafts MCC +4 grips with +1 wrap measurements are... 34.5 34.25 33 7/8 $115 Shipped Just not using these...
  4. Super Clean! Mizuno MP18 Combo Set 4-5 SC 6-P MB KBS Tour 130X +3/4” or Heads only $475 SOLD shafts $115 Shipped Shipping Priority Mail pin 3/2
  5. RAW Vokey SM8 Ported Custom WEDGEWORKS 60 L Super high end very cool vokey around $235+ New standard length tour issue S400 $145 Shipped SOLD
  6. Brandon Matthew Tri Sole Hand Stamped Welded Neck No. 2 Putter 34.5 has a Best Grips Micro Perf Black Stitchback now - not blue lamkin will update pic brown leather looking Brandon Matthew cover unreal work on this.... have another project in the works so letting this one go. I have another custom Brandon Matthew in the bag. this price is cheap in comparison to the quality you get and the wait time on a custom from him - also the new pricing. $675 Shipped OBO SOLD
  7. TM P7TW 4-P Heads Only with box Some normal chatter from use Can’t believe I am listing these and even Woody passed out when he saw me taking the pics to sell. $865 Shipped SOLD KBS $ Taper 130X 5-P played +1/2” in New Level 623M one time pulls grips have +1 wrap $140 Shipped SOLD Callaway UT 21 Nippon 120X plays longer than standard ** can pull and sell Head Only ** $89 Shipped Nippon 120 S Pulls 4-P pulled from a set of Fourteen FH1000 play -1” selling cheap because
  8. Sorry talking about actual shaft length not installed in the heads before putting them in
  9. Cutting some shafts for someone... need them standard length raw before gripped
  10. Just pulled some shafts ... the heads looks like they have a ton of tungsten powder in them and tip weights... I’m to the point of not knowing if I have gotten one of the tip weights out... need some suggestions. I don’t want to just keep drilling into the bottom of the hosel. Last two photos starting to look clean but hosel depth is much shallower... when I pulled one of the shafts - junk exploded out of the hosel went everywhere looks like tin foil.
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