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  1. TSi3 16.5 3 wood, ADDI 7s 1/4” under standard, headcover in package. Excellent condition $395 TSI2 hybrids standard length stiff shafts. Minimum wear on club face center. $195 each 24* with Tensei White 90 stiff 21* with RDX 6.0 Odyssey 10 putter 35” Mint $250 Odyssey OG 7 35” Mint $175 Ping Fetch 35” excellent $195 2019 Callaway Apex Pro irons 4-AW 2 months old. Elevate 115 shafts 4 iron standard, 5/aw 1 degree up with 1/4” butt extensions $725 Callaway MD5 2 range sessions plus
  2. I was there this past June. The caddies that I considered ok, received $20-30 per round on top of the $100. The caddies that I considered excellent received $50-$75 on top of the $100 fee. So, $300-$350 a day for 36 per bag. I would gladly pay the premium for a premium caddy. The good ones work hard to help your score and the experience. My .02 anyway.
  3. Ping G425 Max 14.5 3 wood, 43”, Tensei Orange 75 stiff, clean except some mild face wear. G410 head cover SOLD Titleist TSi3 16.5 3 wood, 43”, Hardy’s Smoke 80 stiff. Couple range sessions hit with clean balls to avoid marking up face. Head cover and tool still in package. $245 Odyssey 7 OG, 35” played 9 holes near mint $175
  4. I was in the local Edwin Watts today. M guy said Callaway had been the quickest turn around of all the manufacturers. The only thing that he could figure was that most of their manufacturing was in Mexico vs Asia.
  5. Nice Ping G425 5 wood, standard length Tensei Orange 75 stiff, head cover and golf pride grip. SOLD Ping G425 driver shaft only. Tensei Orange AV 65 x. This is the shaft that came with my G425 driver. Golf pride round grip. SOLD Ping G410 4 hybrid shaft. Tensei Blue 80 stiff. $65 Excellent condition ‘19 Apex Pro 4-Aw. Standard loft length and lie. Maybe 10 rounds played. $799 All prices include shipping to lower 48
  6. Played the last four days. Pacific Dunes Old Mac SR Bandon Dunes Bandon Trails Bandon Crossings All were in good shape. PAC Dunes greens were noticeably faster than everything else, but all rolled well for po greens. Really not much difference in green speed between the rest. Great trip. Would do it again.
  7. All right hand for sale only. Price includes shipping to lower 48. “I”ll take it” wins. Ping G425 LST 10.5, factory length Tensei Orange 65 X flex. SOLD Ping G425 22* Hybrid, factory length and grip Ping tour stiff shaft SOLD Titleist U500 3 iron, std length Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 $210 Ping yellow dot I20 irons, 4-U wedge. Recently sent back to ping to have CFS stiff with cushion insert installed. Plus 1/4”. Brand new Tour velvet cord on 5-u and tour velvet on 4. Bonus I20 7 iron green dot plus 1/2”.Would be hard to find a set in this good of condition. $395
  8. For more than a decade, I have pretty much played 24* 4i through 46* pw. Seems like a I remember that most were 4* increments from pw back down to 7i. Then 3.5* and 3* from 7i down to 4i. 9-12 yard gaps between irons. Some of the newer players cavity back have 4 and 5 degree gaps 4i through wedge which should give 12-15 yard gaps. Can anyone comment if they suffered and adverse effects from gaps being too large between the short irons?
  9. Odyssey putters 35” Two Ball OG, near mint with head cover $175 35” Versa Two ball minor chips, Red Ball head cover $100 35” RX Two ball very good, factory head over very good $100 38” O Works #7 Tank, very good $100 Ping G425 Max 9*, factory length Aldila Rogue 70S, new GP Zcord grip like new SOLD Ping G425 22* hybrid, factory length Tensei Orange stiff, new tour velvet, minor face wear SOLD Ping I25 irons, yellow dot, plus 1/2”, rare Z-Z65 shafts 4-PW, new Align grips SOLD new Footjoy Flex 12W golf shoe, never worn. $6
  10. All right handed. Price includes shipping to lower 48. Callaway Mavrik 10.5, Aldila Rogue 70s, standard length and factory grip and head cover. Excellent condition. No tool. SOLD Callaway Mavrik 5 wood. Standard length Aldila Rogue 70s. Factory grip and head over. Ball mark where face meets crown. See photo. SOLD Odyssey Two Ball RX. 35” factory grip and head cover. Excellent condition $125 Vokey SM8 Wedge set all +1/4” length 52.12 bent 1 degree strong, 1 up 56.10 0.5 up 60.08 0.5 up All very good condition. Limited play$
  11. I picked up a G425 LST driver and have been very pleased. Really not any longer than what I was playing, but the dispersion pattern and ball flight is much better. 10.5* playing at small -, AV Orange X flex. It was the demo shaft. Ed Watts did not have another like shaft in the company and I didn’t want to wait, but it does not have the Arccos sensor in the butt. The sound does not bother me. I actually think it sounds and feels pretty solid. I already had the 22h playing at the big minus in same shaft. It is a solid 215-220 club with stock swing. Easy to choke down and hit 210 or less. 4i
  12. I played both of the Fairmont courses a couple years ago on a Scotland trip with the boys. The condition was very good, although they did not play like a traditional links course. The Torrence was the more difficult of the two, but the Kittocks (sp) was more picturesque. It was very inexpensive for what you got. We also were able to ride in carts, which was a nice change of pace from walking everyday. It just seemed like they just didn’t have the mystique of a traditional Scottish venue yet. Too new. The hotel did look very swanky.
  13. I honestly don't know the order other than Lochgreen. One of our party has been over several times and set up all the courses and hotels. We land around 8:30 am. Going straight to the course, check in, eat, pub, crash out and hopefully be ready for the week the next morning. We have two days that we have not committed yet. Any recommendations?
  14. The 90 day playability return must be the device that protects you from catching something you don't want forever.
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