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  1. The boxwood, isnt that the relieved-softened Mills heel shaft...vey nice looking
  2. BritinAz

    Club Byron

    Count me in, Hi LaMont how's things?
  3. I carry the 54 and 60 dsg RTG +, love them!!! I coked mine and removed the + finish.The new finish has a colour similar to the V#key oil can, it wears very quickly per design and is a cosmetic coat until the wedge rusts. My coked wedges now have a very soft natural colour and are starting to rust, usually I would excelerate the process with brine- this time I'll let time do its thing. enjoy-soft feel and great spin.
  4. Byron Morgan!!give him a call.......
  5. Jeez that is gorgeous, I've been looking at the fleetwood on 'Mills site for a while and always wanted to see it at address, thanks for that:). I've picked a few new blades of late, another Byron has my name on it some where but that fleetwood is fabulous, thanks for the great pictures..enjoy!:drinks:
  6. BritinAz

    Scotty JAT

    3M's " Dry silicone spray" is the way to go, the wet type has a base that can remove paint infill.
  7. If memory serves, Golf discount, Mesa, Az -has a bin full of RTG 485 wedges!!! the RTG 588's were in the bin for a day or so!!!
  8. I love the look of Rod Pamplings RAW CG2'S, for me I would love a set of black CG4 tours.I just coked my new RTG+ DSG wedges- gorgeous soft Raw look
  9. Cleveland golf tech' vans carry the VS Proto's, an oustanding combo with the HiBore Driver and fairways!!!
  10. I understand that is a hanging offence in Texas:):(
  11. Contact Trapper at hotstix Scottsdale,AZ
  12. prototype/pre- production Bridgestone air muscle hybrid
  13. :D May the perp' balls fester slowly and drop off. I hate stories like this....................sub-human!
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