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  1. I play with 9 or 10 clubs quite a bit (helps me hoof it). If I’m playing for a score (or playing for coin) - I post the score if it’s an exercise round getting in a few reps - no score posted intent seems to be the deciding factor on posting
  2. order the set 5-gap wedge and problem solved G710 U 48* call that your pitching wedge W 43* is your 9 and so on 5iron 22* is all you need
  3. Going to take the old 430 12* (set lower) out for a turkey day 9holer tomorrow won’t be able to handle the matrix HD7… Will try speeder 7.3 or a Diamana white reg flex tipped
  4. So are we getting a video? I’d like to see this right foot thing in action.
  5. If the “pro caddy” wants a good tip - he better help 2-4 shots no matter the handicap. That could be clubbing off tee or fairway and/or reading a putt or 2
  6. “Fitting” and “tinkering” are not mutually exclusive it helps to know you should be using 38.5” 2degree upright 5iron - before you tinker or that your club head speed with driver is 89mph - to help tinker with lightweight soft stiff - or heavier weight regular if you know your spec - tinkering becomes more of a science
  7. had steel fiber i110 put in isi nickel set over the winter. I was happy with the work done. And they feel great. Just don’t go anywhere. At least a club short from G710
  8. MTB x is a little longer than the black for most. My preference is the black it spins more on short shots and feels better putting
  9. so pro prepares the card incorrectly. Members don’t catch it. Blaming the pro is weak? this not about what should happen - but what did happen
  10. the way this seasons tournaments have gone - he will be lucky to perform any professional responsibilities in the current situation help me to understand why you feel the golf professional should not be preparing scorecards for member tournaments?
  11. ^ this is pretty much exactly what happened. Golf professional prepared card (he runs all aspects of tournament) incorrectly. Did not compute 80% and had too many strokes on the card. Was not discovered until the team that was 3down checked the card on 13 match finished 3+2. Losing team looked up rule and now understands responsibility to verify card on 1st tee
  12. Season long 64 Team Member-Member Match play semifinals handicaps are 3 7 13 14. 80% off low man scorecard done by PGA Head Professional prepared incorrectly. Not discovered until 13th hole. tough luck should have been noticed on first tee?
  13. When someone starts whining ask: compared to what alternative? and then ask if the alternative is accepting new members. clubs with mostly contented members typically have a strong board of directors that acts as a sounding board and communicators of policy etc pro shop is in the line of fire and needs to understand their role in member services. Not easy. Always going to have chronic whiners
  14. so you don’t interfere with a match….but as a form of gamesmanship you announce hazards, OB, and score info relative to the field. sounds like a tightrope of etiquette you’re walking.
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