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  1. Finding the right shaft in a hybrid is more important than the right head - IMO
  2. I played with the Tour of Boston back around 2008 when I was looking for medal play events on courses I’d never seen before - in preparation for my PAT. I was fortunate to get paired with other low index (good) guys. everything is organized efficiently on their website and communication was excellent.
  3. Clubs that fit over getting “fitted”….from above as long as clubs are not too short - or drastically long - she should be ok. Remember gripping down is a great option. Ask Brooke Henderson
  4. this is it. The rest is chicken sh-t bs. Post you’re MLS NDG if you have 4-5 tournament rounds in your last 20 your index should be an accurate reflexion of your scoring.
  5. In keeping with your throwback “retro” list i had a Callaway Deuce with Memphis 10 that was in the bag for a long time. also remember a callaway steelhead 3+ with a Rifle 6.0 that was part of an all rifle bag. 13 clubs with Precison Rifle 6.0 TM TP circa ‘07 the last good bonded hosel 3wd with Rombax stands out they tried to recreated that with burner 2.0 TP (white head) that was pretty good. leaning more towards 4wd 16* as my only fwy now. It’s difficult to match the head/shaft equation. And I’m not going to bother being fit for a 3wd.
  6. Read the rules of golf on posting. Every time you play. Mostly likely score on a hole. ESC. It’s all there your index is now comprised of a condensed version of your most recent 20 rounds weighted to reflect your upper end potential.
  7. The best rain suit is the one I got earlier this month for the doughnut using pro shop credit due to expire. FJ Hydrolite i hope I never wear it
  8. Great example of buying something pre-owned. You never know where she’s been before you. apologies for the mixed metaphor
  9. I look at ball when I’m trying to hit it. Don’t even see the club. maybe you guys watching the pretty club would get better results - if you looked the ball
  10. Met my wife on the first tee 26 yrs ago (her first on a course) It’s been fun watching her learn the game and improve to win club championships at 3 different courses, play state level events the past 10 years, and play in the US Senior Women’s Am. She plays most of her golf from 6000yd tees and this past year won the men’s member-member season long match play tournament - knocking me out in the semifinals. best part is when we travel and play golf. Lot of fun.
  11. Usually more to the story every time I see a post like this….
  12. His club head speed is 92-93. If you are familiar with the characteristics of speeder 757 you likely understand that shaft is not the best fit. Changing to a lighter shaft with a softer tip should help him launch the ball higher - and result in more carry.
  13. Yes thank you. Looking for feedback from someone playing air speeder in their driver - to advise what they are using in 3wd that is compatible thanks
  14. 92-93mph not a good match for that driver/shaft combination. good news almost any upgrade to driver made in the last 3yrs with a lighter softer tip should yield significant gain in carry distance.
  15. If you work on your short game you should be able to play/score with that swing. adjust target just slightly to accommodate your miss tendency. Unless it’s monte. I wouldn’t trust too much swing analysis in this thread.
  16. Just picked up Air Speeder 40 stiff for G400 driver. Results are so good like to try in G400 3wd Looking for feedback from anyone with good or bad experience. Also, if anyone has a spare shaft I would be interested thanks
  17. I play with 9 or 10 clubs quite a bit (helps me hoof it). If I’m playing for a score (or playing for coin) - I post the score if it’s an exercise round getting in a few reps - no score posted intent seems to be the deciding factor on posting
  18. order the set 5-gap wedge and problem solved G710 U 48* call that your pitching wedge W 43* is your 9 and so on 5iron 22* is all you need
  19. Going to take the old 430 12* (set lower) out for a turkey day 9holer tomorrow won’t be able to handle the matrix HD7… Will try speeder 7.3 or a Diamana white reg flex tipped
  20. So are we getting a video? I’d like to see this right foot thing in action.
  21. If the “pro caddy” wants a good tip - he better help 2-4 shots no matter the handicap. That could be clubbing off tee or fairway and/or reading a putt or 2
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