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  1. For this reason I try to stick to KBS shafts, I bought a USED set of adams irons that had the black chrome shafts (a12 pro) and some sections were peeling. I sent an email to their warranty dept to just ask if they had seen this kind of defect before. I was not looking for replacement shaft I just wanted to let them know (was not effecting the way the irons played) and they quickly got back to me and offered to replace the whole set with C-tapers at no charge to me. I don't think they overnighted them but I do remember getting them within a couple of days after the phone call. Customer service
  2. I recently put a 5w in my bag but I have it turned down 2 degrees so it plays to a strong 4 and I love it! way easier to hit than my old 3w and only a tad shorter.
  3. It sits out a little bit but it’s pretty secure, and the bottom part has a cut out for the paddle that activates the legs. I’m actually pretty stoked how it fit.
  4. I just picked my nitron last night, I have an ogio stand bag that I use and is the main reason why I chose the nitron. I can post pics later today when I get home and put it together.
  5. I will be looking at the bagboy nitron when shopping this weekend, thanks again guys
  6. Well I'm leaning towards the new Bag Boy carts, it looks like they have a newer system to kinda lock the legs in place of the carry bags. They are also on sale at my local golf shop. Thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Well after over 12 years of having my bagboy push cart I am wanting to upgrade. I use an Ogio carry bag and it drives me crazy that it twists when I’m walking. Most of my buddies use the clique gear carts and like them, I’m wonder what other option work well with carry bags.
  8. I love the satin look (brushed chrome). I also don’t like shiny chrome.
  9. I personally don’t understand why you would want your perfectly good looking club to rust all to hell. Is there any benefit besides feel that people get them that way for?
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