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  1. Supply and demand Miles. If Brora couldn't get 90 quid they wouldn't be charging that. Although it is popular to blame the yanks for the high prices. No worries, can't blame us for wanting to play links golf.
  2. Floosmoor is charging that much for a junior? That around what Olympia Fields is. I think you are looking at around 17k initiation and 600-700 for your age.
  3. For those who have played AGC, I certainly think it is the best golf club. ACC I haven't played, but on TV looks fun as a Dye course in the hilly property. I just don't see how it compares to AGC as those are very good greens and the clubhouse/vibe can't be matched IMO. Crenshaw tie is icing on the cake.
  4. Chicago privates push Illinois into no. 1. I like public in Wisconsin for sure. Ohio has very strong privates as well.
  5. This really isn't a secret is it? 1. Your a member of a private club and have your pro call 2. You use Thousand Greens via your private club membership 3. Charity auctions 4. Friends-the old fashioned way I guess 5. Occasionally some courses allow unaccompanied outside play midweek afternoons with some kind overtures.
  6. You know by the time you posted this is had like 30 minutes left til the auction closed.?
  7. Yeah I call it an annual pass myself. Also staff knowing you because you are there a lot is the same for the starbucks barista, grocery store clerk, gas station attendant, or bartender at your watering hole. If you go anywhere a lot then they know you.
  8. Holy cow guys, can we be a little more positive here? Why is this not universally cheered by passionate golfers, which I would call posters on this site? These are public courses that by all accounts need extreme amounts of work to improve for who........ yes you and me! And we have good news the NLT has undertaken exactly that and even gotten the best GCA in the business (Doak/Hanse) to volunteer their time to do it. Why be negative at all, they aren't raising your taxes, nor even asking for your vote, it is happening thank goodness and support it or not it is happening in spite o
  9. If you are going then you can book Kingsbarns ahead of time and let them know you are applying for the ballot and if chosen you can reschedule your Kingsbarns time. I really liked Kingsbarns, but obviously it was pricey.
  10. Woah.... how much of that was spent on the courses? That is an obscene amount.
  11. In Palm Springs / La Quinta it is a tourist destination in the winter and a retirement community. Not many year round residents as most people at the private clubs are snow birds. So finding a club that is younger than what? 65? You won't find that, however you can find younger clubs. Plantation Club is a male only club btw so if you have a family not the place. Madison is similar to Bighorn price wise, but need to own a home in each I believe still. Best value is PGA West as stated above, my favorite course is The Quarry at La Quinta. For Scottsdale it is a totally different dyna
  12. Well they are cutting corners yes on several tee shots, but just look at the straight away drives on hole 1 and some have went 360-380! No cutting the corners there. The course is dry and getting quite a bit of roll on the flat ground. Very tight driving areas with rough 5 plus inches. I'm glad we didn't have to cut down the rough or it wouldn't be the test it is. However, the real reason for the high scores are the hard greens, they are very firm and not holding much. Also putting the greens in the back on several holes with run offs behind was a nice decision. I'm proud of how the course has
  13. Surely someone you know at El Cab knows members at Lakeside? These things take some digging if you want it to happen sometimes, or you would already be a Lakeside member. Like anything else if you want something, it will take some work. As long as you aren't an arrogant jerk give it a couple years of networking and should have a chance.
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