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  1. Fees have been going up for initiations and dues this last year. I know it seems counterintuitive, but just as housing has exploded and interest rates are low, so have golf membership costs. The commute is the prime decision to make. 2 questions that will help. 1. Where are you working? Will joining this club be entertainment or networking for your job? 2. You mention activities for the family. Do they golf? Or are you talking other things. Beverly is the best bet proximity wise, but it isn't a country club, just a golf club and they are very proud of
  2. If you are only going to be playing on the weekends, the muni's will be tough to predict. If you get a peer group and you all try and get a tee time collectively that should help. No need to rush for a CC, take your time and network, from there you will know where you fit in and get in.
  3. Baltursol would be tough. My member host said you need to have 5 members put your name forward that have known you for something like 7 years. So if you have that kinda connections already great, but they still have a wait list. The blue blood clubs almost have to tap you on the shoulder and not the other way around. Doesn't mean it can't happen, but would be more of a longer term horizon.
  4. Yes very worthwhile for architecture buffs and glad Kieser footed the bill up front for the project. Membership is pricey considering a 5 month golf season really. Will be public access for some days and look forward to that.
  5. Schley

    West Texas Golf

    I remember you stopping there, I was bringing it up again as a suggestion.
  6. Schley

    West Texas Golf

    The Rawls Course at TTU?
  7. That is a nice touch as I wished more courses would do that. Do we have to nickel and dime every last person? I think they put 50 bucks a month or so on the dues to account for it. Great for guests and the places it stands out for me are: Galloway Hamilton Farm Austin GC
  8. Tim good recommendations. The summer months, particularly July/August in the midwest can be brutal with humidity as we all know. Sept/Oct is a wonderful time to play in the Midwest as the weather doesn't have the humidity and not sweltering sun to beat you down. October you can even see the trees turning which is wonderful scenery as well.
  9. Galloway still have the coolers stocked with drinks/candy bars to stock up with at the turn?
  10. I think you have to demarcate a little later than 1920 IMO. At minimum I would go post WWII. However, as we know there aren't alot of courses built of note from WWII til the Pete Dye era, so the 1960 demarcation is used as a modern era line in the sand. CB Macdonald didn't pass away until 1939, although he didn't design much in the 30's.
  11. I'll start the list with the most iconic and famous IMO. 17th at TPC Sawgrass
  12. So basically the modern era 1960 forward what holes would be considered templates? Of course they can't be interpretations of old template holes from Macdonald and Raynor.
  13. A friend of mine goes to Wichita quite a bit visiting family, WCC have a national membership? I know about PD and told him to just join there as a national as it is miles better than anything else in the state. However, driving time is a factor apparently although I would have liked to drop in each year and play PD with him.
  14. I would contact Oakmont membership person as I'm sure they would provide any figures needed to interested parties. BTW don't rule out San Gabriel CC as I like that course. Also Hacienda is a little further south.
  15. I recommend having a master thread on National Memberships. Every few months someone pops up again with their own and we lose previous counsel.
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