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  1. This has been my favorite Callaway bag so far top to bottom. I was planning on keeping everything one more season but since we are getting a late start I crunched the numbers and shouldn't have too much out of pocket for MAVRK stuff using my PUD account so I'm going to take a chance that I'll like them as much. I don't play a lot anymore and hit very few range balls so all the clubs have most of their life left in them. Everything was custom ordered and built at Callaway, nothing as been altered. All grips have been cleaned and have relatively little wear. I have included screenshots of the or
  2. Hey everyone. Been a while, happy new year! I have a couple drivers I took in on trade last summer that I will never use so I'm looking to lighten the load a little bit. I tried to look around for prices. From what I found these should be slightly less and in better shape than normal for the price point. Sorry I couldn't organize the photos under each listing with my phone for some reason. First 6 are the Sub Zero and last 6 are the Epic obviously. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks! 1) SOLD! Callaway Rogue Sub Zero 10.5 with the EvenFlow 6.0 65S shaft. Standard length. Overall in g
  3. Looking to trade for a Ping G400 Max with a comparable shaft and condition. No stock ping shafts please. Will consider a newer Ping but I'm not looking to pay anything more out if pocket. This driver is almost new. We thought it was cracked at the end of last season and they replaced the head, afterwards we found out it was just the seem on the top line. So it sat in plastic all winter and the new head has maybe 10 rounds on it and I don't hit driver often. I attached pics and a screenshot of the exact specs that came from the factory. 9 degree, hzrdus yellow x tipped 1.5 inches. Callaway
  4. Everything is sold, thanks! All prices are shipped and paypalled. No trades please. If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message. Thanks! 1) Ping G30 9* driver with a Graphite Design Tour AD-BB 6x shaft. ALL factory installed at Ping. I had the playing length set at 45.5" and the shaft tipped 1/2". It has a midsize white/black Golf Pride MC grip. It looks almost new. I don't play much anymore so I'd be surprised if I hit 50 balls with it. Probably the best driver I've ever had. No headcover. Looking for $300. Price is pretty firm on this one as I'll just keep it for t
  5. There never was one. I ordered 12 clubs from Callaway and after t as long with a friend over there had these sent with the order. I like my g30 too much to take it out of the bag lol.
  6. Alright guys I tried to take the best pictures I could. Everything listed was built by Callaway. If you have an specific questions let me know! If you're interested in multiple items let me know and we can work out a better price. I live in Alliance, OH and would be happy to meet up locally if you happen to be within a reasonable driving distance. Thanks! 1.) Callaway Apex 16 Combo Set. 4-7 are the CF16 and 8-PW are the Pro16. Standard loft and lie. They have DG Tour Issue X-100s that are +1/4" long. Grips are Golf Pride MC Black/Gray/Red and are standard size with 4 extra wraps. I played ab
  7. Alright guys I tried my best to figure out prices. I saw a few sell on here but everyone replaces their price with "SOLD" so I couldn't get a good idea of the current market. I looked around and these are what I came up with. I think they are pretty fair. All prices are out the door, shipped and paypalled. No trades at the moment, just paypal or local pickup. 1. Kiyoshi White, 04 flex, 65 grams. Measures 42.5" from tip to butt. It was installed in a 3 wood but I can't say for sure it was tippped. I included a picture of the measurement to some of the writing on the shaft to give you some ide
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to chime in even though this is an old thread. My buddy bought a BB7S off this site and didn't like it. When he went to resell it they guy he sent the photos to instantly stated it was fake and he said "sorry I'm going to have to report you". So first of all to that gentleman... show a little class. If the shaft was purchased off this site from another member and no one had any idea it could be counterfeit, fake or not, that's a pretty crappy move. Maybe try to help the member and get to the bottom of it before taking on the job as an Internet police officer. So to
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