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  1. I never said that they released a ball that goes shorter. I played 18 holes with the new ball yesterday and I noticed this. I cant say why it ballooned and were that short but I hit my regular gamer side by side and didnt see that flight on that one. Of course I cant say I hit them exactly the same since Im human. But even I have not seen that flight on my regular gamer just saying. I used to play the 19’ TP5 and loved the ball so just strange that I saw this flight pattern of the new ball. But I seem not to be the only one experience this?
  2. I noticed exactly the same thing today. The drives just ballooned and landed 40-50y shorter then my bridgestone bxs ball.. Strange all othet shots were fine with irons and wedges.
  3. Looks like Rory has P730 / P760 in his bag this week?
  4. Now it is.. https://www.usga.org/ConformingGolfClub/ConformingClubList_M.pdf
  5. I dont know why people dont like the P760? I really like them and I think they both look and feel great! Pictures just dont do them justice.
  6. > @TaylorMadeGolf said: > Quick question... > In considering a new driver, what is your priority? Forgiveness/consistency or speed/distance? We know you want both...but which is no.1 on your list? Speed/distance!
  7. > @Redman said: > Does anyone know when we will get an update to the P 760s? Should be relatively soon shouldn't it? What I know the P760 stays as is the next season and a replacement is coming the year after.
  8. > @GC70 said: > > @Zpin said: > > What I´ve heard not this year. > What did you hear? How about a 770 replacement? > No replacement for P730, P760 until next year.
  9. Zpin

    New TP5 and TP5X

    Played my first round with the TP5 19 ball. I had no issues hitting low spinning shots into the greens and my iron play felt nice. Last year I tried the TP5x but I had problem just hitting the low and spinning wedge shots with it.
  10. Sounds nice! I’ll have to give it a try!
  11. What brand / model have you guys started to play after you´ve been playing the RZN Tour Platinum? My stock of Nike balls is running out so need to change into antoher similar ball this season..
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