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  1. Just spoke with my retailer again as we are now at 8 weeks from order date. They said PING is now saying that the Tour65 X shaft and LH 9* LST head are both back ordered until early June. It appears I will be lucky to see the club within 12 weeks of order when I was quoted 4-5. I understand the industry is in an unprecedented time but it’s a little frustrating to be strung along week by week.
  2. I ordered a LH G425 LST with the Tour65 X on March 23 . Spoke to the retailer last week and they said 4-5 weeks from order date is the current lead time from Ping for the Tour65 shaft. Was told my club should ship end of this week or early next. Fingers crossed
  3. With golf courses closed in Ontario, Canada, I have heard a lot of rumours and discussions about what safety protocols may have to be put into place in order for golf courses to operate "safely" (I don't want to get into the debate of whether or not golf is covid-friendly). One topic that has been brought up regularly is the single-rider cart to limit close-proximity, and a more extreme version is not allowing any carts on the course to limit proximity, touch points, staff having to clean them, etc. Every time the "no carts" idea gets brought up, a number of people say this would b
  4. That crossed my mind and if they come back to me with that, that would be great. I am just not sure that they would pure orders for free and without request, especially with current wait times what they are. Regardless, a very minor blemish that won't ruin an otherwise satisfactory ordering experience. Now if only my G425 LST would show up to complete the top end of my bag...
  5. Received both clubs yesterday. Very pleased with the turnaround time from Taylormade. However, the build quality of the 3 wood leaves something to be desired. The shaft graphics are out of alignment with the grip and standard hosel setting by a significant amount. It seems that the shaft wasn't properly aligned when being glued to the adapter sleeve. I understand this has no effect on performance, but it is a little annoying when looking down on a $530 CAD club. The hybrid is fine, maybe slightly off but bearable. I reached out to Taylormade Customer Service to let the
  6. Put an order in for a LH Sim2 Ti 3w with Rogue Silver X and LH Sim2 3 hybrid with Tensei blue X on March 19 through the custom Taylormade Canada website. Was quoted April 14 for the hybrid and May 20 for the 3 wood. Both shipped today (20 days). Very pleased with the turnaround time and should receive them early next week. Was surprised to see them coming from Tijuana and not Carlsbad, but I won’t complain! Upgrading from V Steel 3 and 5 wood with steel shafts that I’ve had in the bag for at least 15 years, so excited to see the performance gains!
  7. i found this site which has a few more options as well. Can choose colour or black and white, along with canvas/print options. Prices are similar to other sites. http://www.greatbigcanvas.com/category/sports/golf/?pagesize=90&sort=bestsellers-desc
  8. Does anyone know where to buy large golf murals? Preferably black and white course photos. TGW.com has some decent colour ones but im looking for 40x80''. The makers of the ones on TGW offer that size but at $150, and i was hoping for a little cheaper. Im a college student with 2 giant bare walls in my room so looking to add a piece de resistance. Any and all help is appreciated!
  9. I took this at Glen Arbour just outside Halifax about 2 weeks ago. Very nice course, especially when the leaves start to change [attachment=1930643:Glen Arbour.jpg]
  10. If you need a low cost one-time fix you can try something like what im doing. I decided to manufacture a make-shift travel case for my sunday morning flight. Bought an tube of 8" concrete form tube (sonotube) for $9 and cut it to size and used some of the excess and some leftover plastic sheet to make 2 end caps. I only use a little titleist sunday bag so the 8" holds it all pretty well. I added a little handle so i can carry it from the car to baggage and back as well (the strap is a few inches too high so carries kind of awkward but oh well). The bottom end i taped up nice and sturdy and wil
  11. Picked this up for 25 bucks at the local golf shop. TW Collection Hyperlite Stripe Polo. It may be a touch big (L and Im usually a tall M) but it looks fine and couldnt pass up the price tag [attachment=1649415:shirt.png] (Pic off of google because my phone isnt uploading pics correctly)
  12. Here is my non-meme *Forced Macro Image* [attachment=1640145:hg.jpg]
  13. Thanks for the reply! Thats kind of the ball park i was thinking. Anyone else have an opinion? Higher? Lower?
  14. Hey everyone, I was just curious as to the value of a new R9 Superdeep these days? I havnt seen a new one in a while and know they retailed at ~$699.99, and know someone with 2 that he wants to get rid of. I would just like to know a decent starting point for what theyre going for on the market now. Any help is appreciated
  15. Tiger's line just at 1:45 of this clip is one of my favourites http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HIjS0Hf2Hg
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