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  1. Beauty sticks, and an even more of a beauty seller! Top notch here folks. GLWS
  2. Hey- looking for a pair (or 2) of Jordan XI’s sz 9.5-10.5. Used are fine. Let me know what you’ve got! cheers
  3. Hey- Been a member for decades, but have been MIA for quite some time. It’s good to be back; however, my wife doesn’t concur... Anyone else miss the unbelievably witty posts Autisticlove used to make on the BST? Haven’t seen one in a while. Looking to let this beauty go. The new owner will not be disappointed. My son affectionately refers to this as the “piss missile”. Mint condition 8’ head- which for some reason is nigh impossible to find- with a tour issued AD VR 7TX shaft playing at 45’, also in mint condition. New Iomic grip Head and
  4. Just one item today. Brand new with tags AeroLoft HyperAdapt jacket in size M. Super warm and grey to play in. I have 2 others in other colours and love them. $120 shipped.
  5. A couple goodies up for grabs today. I'll keep it short and sweet. Prices are shipped CONUS and am always open to REASONABLE trades. Trade interests include: Bettinardi's (preferably DASS, but open to anything) Scotty X5's Rangefinders (preferably Leupolds- I had mine stolen and have been pissed ever since!) KBS black or black onyx wedges shafts On to the goods... Set of of 10 rounds old 4-PW 765/965's with TIDGX100's and Iomic sticky's. Not mush to say about these other than they are butter and look amazing! Typical bag chatter for forging's this soft. Play 1/4' short and standard loft
  6. [quote name='tarheel33' timestamp='1339215939' post='5056436'] Congrats on graduating... I take my LSAT on monday. [/quote] Cheers!! Good luck with the LSAT. Its not much fun, but there's no way around it!!
  7. No. I wear a 9.5-10 in everything else, but Eccos I find a size big. Hope that helps
  8. [quote name='bshovers' timestamp='1338923822' post='5035790'] glasses still available ? [/quote] Yup!! Lots of interest tho...
  9. Looking to purge a ton of stuff for the big move… I just graduated from Law school in sunny AZ and am now heading back to the great white North, and much to my chagrin, the golf won't be as plentiful. I figure instead of hauling everything across the country I might as well unload it. Only trades I would consider is a Leupold GX-3 or GX-4 Rangefinder, Tour Spec 6.2 or 7.2X driver shaft or Adams XTD super hybrid 16-20*. Now on to the goods…. TEE CB2 5 wood in real good shape. Comes with the stock shaft (S) and brand new white NDMC grip. It has been the "go to" for the past couple of months
  10. [quote name='chicken tycoon' timestamp='1337803310' post='4966082'] flex on F7m2? [/quote] Sorry, it's Stiff... editing post
  11. [quote name='wangstarx3' timestamp='1337799619' post='4965762'] wow great items and GREAT price on the DI6S..wish you woulda posted this a week ago before I bought mine...GLWS [/quote] Cheers! Just trying to thin the herd and pass on some great deals!!
  12. [quote name='TripleGrindSole' timestamp='1334093902' post='4695456'] 909H sole pic? [/quote] Pics added. Cheers
  13. Gold F7M2 LTD, Tour Issued Vokeys...Looking to move a couple things to fund other purchases. All shafts are one time pulls and in perfect shape. I will entertain trade offers. Looking for other wedges, an i20 8.5*, AD DI 6x or a fubuki Alpha. Shipping will be actual rates, so nothing more than $10 state side for anything. Any questions just ask. First up is a F7M2 LTD stiff. She is 43½ long and has a tip prep of just a hair shy of 1½. It has a brand new Tour Velvet cord BCT white. This thing is in mint condition and was pulled from a tour issued 282. I was planning on putting it in a cou
  14. Emptied the paypal. This is what it is all about!!
  15. [quote name='tv23' timestamp='1331014084' post='4446079'] ok fellas - looks like im a "may fill" on friday if someone drops out. if anyone out there is free saturday, i still have nothing booked. cheers. [/quote] TV, I might be able to swing something for Saturday. I'm a fellow Canuck, so it would be good to have some Canadian bacon on the course!! It has been far too long!! Where'd you play your hockey? Cheers, Joel
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