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  1. Is the speeder still available, if so I will buy it.
  2. I have an Nike Origin B1 14 with no alignment aid that I would like to have a sight dot added to and the bumpers rounded some. Does anyone have any suggestions on who to use to have the work done?
  3. I was at my local golf shop yesterday and I came across this driver with a Rogue 125 Tour Xd shaft in it. They only wanted $99.99 for the club so I took a chance on. The shaft is by far to stiff for me, but I was wondering if the head was legit since I thought they only mae 9, 10.5, and 13.5 lofts. The club had the TC on it by the serial. Any info on this clubhead would be much appreciated.
  4. Does anyone have an origin B1 01 or B1 14 with a sight dot or no alignment aid they would like to sell? I love the look of the Origin but can not stand the flange sight line, for some reason a sight dot is easier to align
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